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A finish!


I've finished stitching that Snowflake Bookmark so I have my first stitchy finish of the year. Ok, so it's only a wee project but what with it being on such dark fabric and the pattern being so intricate, it was actually fairly challenging. Not to be attempted while watching my favourite videos on MTV rocks.

I'm really pleased with how it's turned out but it's a swine to photograph. I've had a couple of attempts at it in two different location. I just can't get it to show the subtle variegation of the threads, which is a shame as it's really pretty. You'll just have to take my word for it that the thread shades gently from pure white to pale blue.

Design by Kincavel Krosses.
14 count navy Aida, Gentle Art thread in Summer Shower.

It's still on that large piece of Aida and needs to be turned into a bookmark. I'm still trying to decide the best way to go about that. I will finish it though, 'cause a girl can never have too many bookmarks.



Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “A finish!

  1. oh that is beautiful Carole you must finish it off. I think I would use some very stiff interfacing (the kind used for pelmets) and iron that to the back of your bookmark and then whip stitch it so some pretty back fabric or even to some Aida for the back.


  2. You stitched it so prettily! Thanks for sending me the photo for the gallery of stitches. 🙂
    And you’re right – you can never have too many bookmarks!


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