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Cross stitch. Technically it’s sewing, isn’t it. I do know that. And you’d think it’s a bizarre hobby for someone to take up when they proclaim at every available opportunity that they can’t sew. I can’t. Sew, that is. I can just about manage to sew a button on, as long as you don’t mind it being a bit wonky. You know, not quite in the same place as the one that came off. The holes not quite lined up with the other buttons. That sort of thing.

But cross stitch I can do. It’s all about following a pattern. It’s logical, and orderly and neat. I like that. You count holes and put stitches in the correct one. There’s a definite right and wrong place to put the needle. I’ve even got adventurous with it this last twelve months, using finer fabrics and even – shock, horror – silk threads. I’ve bought charts and purchased the threads and fabric separately. I’ve even downloaded charts from the internet, which is where the whole comfort zone problem started.

You see, all my other projects have been pictures that have been framed. Or will get framed when I get the funds or time. My point is, that I do the logical, counted stitching part, and then turn it over to a framer to do the finishing part. The scary part.

And then there’s my latest project – The Snowflake Bookmark. I just fancied making this and happily started on it, finished stitching it and then it dawned on me that I’d have to then make it into a bookmark. All by myself. With actual sewing. Freehand sewing. This is way, way out of my comfort zone.

You will be pleased to know that I have survived the experience however, and surprisingly so has the bookmark. This is mainly thanks to Tree who took it so much for granted that I’d finish the project, having an amazing amount of faith in my ability, that she gave me numerous tips and even popped the required piece of interfacing in the post for me. So a huge thank you to Tree for that!

This is the resulting, finished bookmark.

Crossing comfort zones
This is probably the best photo that I’ve managed of the stitching so far. You can just about make out the variegated threads in this one. You can also see how uneven my whipstitching is round the edges of the bookmark, but we won’t dwell on that too much, eh? The main thing is that I’ve pushed myself out of that comfort zone and actually done some whipstitching. And turning under. And tidying of corners. Ok, so they’re not that tidy, but an attempt was made…

The back

Crossing comfort zones
I used two strands of the same thread that I cross stitched in to do the whip stitching. With the back being paler, any colour would have shown on either the back or the front so I chose to make a feature of it.

So now it’s finished and usable, although to be honest I’m more inclined to frame it than risk getting it grubby as I’m rather unreasonably proud of it.


Author: Carole

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4 thoughts on “Crossing comfort zones

  1. It looks wonderful! I love that pattern


  2. You did a fab job – I knew you would 😀 this is only the beginning I think, I can see all sorts of finishing in your future! Just in time for the stash of new books too…perfect 😀


  3. And so you *should* be proud of it chuck, it’s bostin & especially as it’s right out of your comfort zone (proper grown up stitching that is…not cross stitch). If anyone comments on any tiny nit picky bit then that’s their problem & they shouldn’t be looking anyway!!Onward & upward I say…….now go & ‘use’ it on a new book. xxx


  4. Nice work Carole and very pretty too.


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