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Sacrifice by S. J. Bolton

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This is my first review for the Great Transworld Crime Caper. I was really excited when this book arrived. It's a lovely thick book and the cover looked very tempting. I liked the tagline – You're born. You live. They die. Mysterious, eh?

It's about a consultant surgeon, who has recently moved to the Shetland Isles with her husband. She's not having the best of days when she discovers a body of a young woman in her field. This discovery leads to questions with no apparent answers, and when her curiosity leads her to follow them up, things start to get scary. As soon as she uncovers one set of answers, more questions pop up and soon she doesn't know who to trust.

This was so easy to read and so very difficult to put down. There was a sense of danger as I was reading that compelled me to keep going. Every time I thought it was safe to start breathing again, the tension would gear up another notch and keep my eyes glued to the page. It was superb. 

The descriptions of the Shetlands were beautiful and really added to the atmosphere. The medical descriptions felt well researched and the folklore was very interesting. And disturbing.

I really enjoyed this and will be looking out for the author's second book, Awakening. 


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One thought on “Sacrifice by S. J. Bolton

  1. oh this sounds good Carole – I’m having thoughts of that film The Wicker Man now for some reason!


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