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The Chemistry of death by Simon Beckett

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This is the second book that I've read for the Great Transworld Crime Caper and the first book by Simon Beckett that I've read. It won't be the last though as I really enjoyed this one.

It had the best opening of any thriller that I've read in ages. It drew you straight into the book and gave you a taste of what was to come. I loved all the forensic details, and thought that there were just enough to make it interesting and realistic, without being too gory. I almost guessed who the killer was at one point but dismissed them only to follow down the wrong trail. But then the fictional police did the same so I guess that's just good writing.

The book is set in a small Norfolk village where a doctor gets involved in helping the police when a body of a woman is found. Then another woman disappears and the small community starts to get paranoid. It seems to bring out the worst in some people, tempers boil over and secrets come out. There's a lot going on but never too much to keep track of.

It had a lengthy and suspense-filled ending which had me turning pages as fast as I could digest them. It was superb. And kept me holding my breath to the last page.


Author: Carole

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One thought on “The Chemistry of death by Simon Beckett

  1. oh good, I can’t wait! I finished my second one yesterday as well – a bit slower of a read than the first. Currently pondering what to write about it, lol!


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