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I couldn’t resist


I don't watch that much TV but there are a few shows that I really like and one of them is Castle. I liked Nathan Fillion in Buffy and I loved him in Firefly so I was predisposed to like the show to start with. I really love the show for itself though. It's one of the few shows that we both watch together and enjoy equally. It's funny, it's got a great plot, the actors are excellent and I just love it.

So, in the series, for those who don't watch it, Nathan Fillion plays Richard Castle. He's an author and he writes a book called Heat Wave during the course of the first season. There's a lot more going on obviously, but that's the important bit of information for the purpose of this post. You see, I had no idea, absolutely none at all, that the book in the series actually existed. Well, they don't usually, do they.

This one does. Look

That's my desk that it's sitting on – hence the title of this post. How on earth could I possibly resist? It looks exactly like the one in the series. It has a dedication on the front by James Patterson, with whom Castle plays poker in the series. There's even an interview with Castle in the back of the book. It's perfect.

I'm so excited about reading this and seeing if it matches up to how it was described in the series. I keep grinning every time I look at it and Stephen is quite bemused, especially as I waved it in his face babbling ten to the dozen when he got in from work. Even the postman looked a little worried when I thanked him a little more manically than usual when he handed over the nice Amazon box. Hey, I knew what was in there, ok?

Heat Wave. They actually wrote it. Awesome!


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5 thoughts on “I couldn’t resist

  1. I’ve read both Heat Wave and Naked Heat and I have to say, I’m very eagerly awaiting the third novel! This is my favourite show right now, and not just because it stars Captain Malcolm Reynolds, sorry, I meant Nathan Fillion. šŸ˜‰


  2. I may have to get this too – I watch Castle occasionally but Catherine is a dedicated fan! I’ll look forward to your review šŸ˜€


  3. I have Naked Heat on my wishlist and providing Heat Wave is as good as I think it’ll be, I’ll be getting it as soon as it’s out in paperback.
    I think we’re agreed on Mr Fillion’s attractions šŸ˜‰


  4. I have the first two seasons to watch–I adore Nathan.
    Also, have this book on my Nook ereader. There’s a second as well, cannot wait to get into this series!


  5. There is a second one too. Naked Heat. I haven’t read either yet though I love the TV show (and Nathan Fillion)


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