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Partway through June

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June's Winnie the Pooh calendar, that is. I do know we're actually in March, don't worry. I thought I'd try and catch up a bit on this slightly abandoned project before starting a new one as I did plan to finish it by the end of February this year. You'll notice that the deadline has passed and the project is nowhere near being finished.

I'd intended to stitch one month's block in the month it was for. So, I started it in March and stitched March. I managed to do April's in April and then it all went pear shaped and it was July before May's got finished. I'm now working on June. In March. I think I got a bit distracted by all the other lovely cross stitch possibilities out there and then I was on a bit of a reading binge too.

So, before I can start a new project, I will finish June, even though this sunflower is driving me batty. It's all fractional stitches and the two colours are similar and I kept losing where I was on the chart. At least the cross stitch part of that is done now and I'm going to get the back stitch out of the way before I carry on and do the rest of the flower and then Pooh Bear.

This is how it looks so far. I've taken it out of the unwieldy scroll frame and am now using my lovely Q-snap/R&R frame. It's so much easier to handle now.

After June, some of them look a bit less labour intensive so if I do a month inbetween other projects it might actually get done. I just wish I'd known about evenweave when I started this as all the fractional stitches would have been so much easier if I'd used a nice 28 ct fabric instead of this blasted Aida. Still, we live and learn, eh?


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One thought on “Partway through June

  1. I hate fractional stitches. It looks good.


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