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June’s WtP calendar

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Is finished. Hooray! I did loads to it on Friday night, but strangely enough when I got up on Saturday morning it didn't look quite as near completion as I'd thought. I was planning on just finishing it off and then doing my Friday Night Sew-In post to show what I'd done. That didn't quite work out though as I stitched pretty much all afternoon, and then into the evening and finally finished the last bit late last night. Phew.

Why did it take so long? There's not that much to it when you look at it, but I kept finding more bits to do. I almost missed doing those bees and then they took ages as there are three colours plus backstitch and they're fiddly. Very fiddly. More fractional stitches than full crosses.

I did find a new method that made the backstich more fun to do than the previous ones. I saw on the cross stitch forum that several people do their backstitch as they go along so I tried that and it was much better. Not only did it mean that I didn't have it all to do at the end, obviously, but the picture came alive as I went along. These rely heavily on the backstitch. There's virtually no shading so they're just blobs of colour without it.

Here it is. I'm really pleased with his face on this one. I've picked up loads of tips since I started this project so I think I did a much better job on his mouth and not only did I do both French knots on the first attempt. I'm actually happy with them.

This afternoon I'm going to finish prepping the fabric for Starry Night and then I'm all ready to make a start on it. I'm half scared and half excited. It's such a huge project but it's so amazing.


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One thought on “June’s WtP calendar

  1. That was worth all the effort you put in, it looks fantastic Carole 😀 Looking forward to seeing some Starry stitches soon now.


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