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All kitted up and ready to go


Starry Night with Tardis. I don't think I've ever spent so long prepping a project before starting it. I could say that it's because it's such a large and complex piece and I want to be completely prepared before I make the first stitch in it. If I'm being honest, that's only part of the reason. Yes, I'm taking care to make sure that the preparation is done properly as this isn't something that can be rushed into, but I think I'm procrastinating a little too. It's the largest project that I've ever undertaken. It's complicated. The chart is a mass of confetti - all twelve pages of it. Quite frankly, I'm terrified. What on earth was I thinking?

But, I don't think there's another thing that I can possibly do to this to make it go more smoothly. This is the prepped fabric.

Yeah, gridding. I've stitched every five holes of the the vertical halfway line and to outline the outside of the top left quarter, which is where I'll be starting. Then I've marked where the first page is and gridded every ten holes to just outside that first page.

I've printed the pages off at A4 size but there were so many different symbols used that I decided that bigger would be better and I got Staples to enlarge them to A3 for me, and bought a folder to keep them in. I'll work one page at a time but if one colour wants to stray across to another page, I'll let it, to avoid getting lines on the work which can happen if you're strict about sticking to the one page at a time method.

Oh, and see my machine stitching? I got some bias binding and folded it over the edges of the Evenweave to prevent fraying. I think this is going to take a couple of years to do and in that time the Evenweave could lose an inch or two if I don't take precautions.

This is everything kitted up, apart from the chart.

SNWTkitted up 
The most used colours of DMC are in my small folder that has my tools in it. That sits next to me while I stitch. The other colours are in a ring binder. All on Stitchbows, of course. I'd really like one of those nice big Stitchbow binders but I need to see one first. Hmm, maybe they'll have one at the NEC show.
There's also my R&R frame and The Purple Alien aka my Mighty Bright light/magnifyer. I'll definitely need that for two over one on 18 count!

With all that, plus an A4 folder of assorted bits of paper and an A3 folder with the charts in, this was all looking rather less portable than my usual projects. The Bookshelf managed with just the small black Stitchbow binder and a ziplok baggie. This isn't a problem though. I've been scrapping for long enough to have accumulated a nice selection of scrapping totes and this one fitted everything in nicely.

I'm really happy that I won't have to keep putting everything away into my Cross stitch cupboard. It was starting to take it over just a teeny bit.

Right, as I can't think of anything else to do that'll put off starting this project, I guess I'd better get stitching. Wish me luck…


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6 thoughts on “All kitted up and ready to go

  1. On the Cross Stitch Forum. Link in the sidebar if you’re not a member ­čÖé


  2. Where did you find/get/buy the pattern?


  3. I saw that in the forums & I love it. But I was too afraid of the complexity to try it. I look forward to seeing this.
    And I love your Mighty Bright. I need one


  4. I have loads of stitchbows and clear folders if you need more?


  5. thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you…


  6. OOh, I am excited to see how this one progresses.
    Do keep us posted.


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