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I'm not complaining, you understand, I'm just a bit bemused by how they seem to keep arriving in the house. Yes, I do know that I may have something to do with that, but it's just the sheer quantity of them at the moment. I cleared my desk of books that were waiting to be listed on my TBR spreadsheet only a few days ago, and yet my desk is now full again.

There are the four books that came home from Costco with me on Monday. I read The Snowman by Jo Nesbo late last year and rather enjoyed it. It was the fifth book in a series though so that meant that I needed at some point to hunt out the previous books. Then on Monday, there on the book tables in Costco were all four of them. And they were only £3.29 each. An absolute bargain, and you know I can't resist that. The Redbreast, Nemesis, The Devil's Star and The Redeemer.

On Tuesday I had a book arrive by post – The Penguin who knew too much by Donna Andrews. I'm loving the Meg Langslow mysteries and I'm now up to book six. I needed more, having read all the ones that I had, so I scoured the Amazon marketplace for the next four in the series and they've started to arrive. Of course, books eight, nine and ten are the ones that have arrived and I'm now waiting for book seven without which I can't read any of them. Typical.

On Wednesday I had an email from the library to let me know that some books that I'd reserved were in. One of them is the new Jasper Fforde which I've been looking forward to. My first thought was to rush up to the library immediately so I could get my sticky paws on those books. Then I realised that it was Wednesday. The library doesn't open on Wednesdays. Boo. I fetched them on my way home today though. I now have three library books on my desk. One of our Thursdays is missing by Jasper Fforde, Eleven on top by Janet Evanovich and The Truth by Terry Pratchett. They should keep me nicely amused.

Today we had a new book go onto the Deal of the week at work. I look forward to that as it's quite often something interesting, and half price with staff discount too is not to be sneezed at. This week's offering is Cathy Kelly's new one – Homecoming, which I think will go very nicely on the holiday pile. That is now sitting on my desk along with all the others.

That makes nine books altogether in the space of four days. It could easily have been more as I'd intended to go into Solihull, home of The Works, on Tuesday, but my car refused to start. You have to wonder if maybe Stephen sabotaged it…


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4 thoughts on “I’m surrounded by books!

  1. All three of the books you got from the library are excellent in my opinion (I’m currently reading The Last Continent, having just finished the Truth), though IMO the Fforde one suffers a tad with a lack of ‘real world’ Thursday. I hope if there is a next one they do more to explain what has been going on in Thursday’s real life because lots of things were left sort of… unfinished.


  2. Analysis is my hobby, beside from the ideas and thought you could get; it widens your wit also. I take pleasure in reading books together with my kid. Sometimes when I am by myself, I read fiction books. And if I am with my daughter I just listen to her reading fairytale books.


  3. That all sounds lovely – particularly the new Jasper Fforde, I must sort out a copy of that from the library myself. I’ve been packing your box by the way…it isn’t small 😮


  4. Books glorious books….mmmmm…sounds like heaven bab. I’m trying to be good & use the library too…(see my halo shining?)


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