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Slow going


I made a start on Starry Night with Tardis but it's coming on really slowly. The gridding is marking out 10×10 squares so you can see that not much has been done, yet there are over twenty colours in there already. That is why it's taking so long to do such a small area. When I get out of that corner a little it should get a bit faster. Just below it is a section with larger areas of the same colour. By larger areas, I mean more than two or three stitches, mind.

I think this may be a slightly more long term project than I originally thought but it'll be even more rewarding to see it grow.

I haven't done anything to it in the last week as I've had one of those monster migraines and now this weekend is a race weekend – China! So, I'm stitching away at the Formula One project. Then it'll be either back to Starry Night or I might start on the next bit of the Winnie the Pooh calendar.


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7 thoughts on “Slow going

  1. I love the pattern for this but am too afraid of all the colors. I have a UFO that is similar with sections where there are a dozen colors used but only 3-5 stitches each and the color changing always bogs me down.


  2. Yup, all solid stitching.
    You finished Bunny Hop in time! I’ll be stalking your blog now so I can see it 🙂


  3. Gosh, wow that is a lot of colours in that small space. Is it solid stitching over the whole piece of fabric? I picked up Thursday Next from the library on Friday – looking forward to that now that I’ve finished Bunny Hop.


  4. It is less bulky, but is also much faster and you know it’s secure. It’s a pain when you can’t use it once you’ve got used to it though 😉


  5. I’d never heard of looped but a quick google and I am sold that looks. Much tidier and less bulky than my ends


  6. No, I’ve got a gizmo that you use to do that but it only really helps if you use the ‘threaded under’ method of starting off and I prefer the loop method, which means having pretty much the right length in the needle to start with. Does that make sense?
    I do use Parking though if a colour is going to wander off too far but I’m wary of having too many colours parked in this, in case they get tangled up. Plus they’re so close in shade I’d be worried about getting them mixed up. I tell you – this one is going to be a challenge and no mistake LOL


  7. I like sewing but I think that would drive me insane. Do you use lots of needles threaded at once?


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