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Etsy. I’d heard of it. I’d even been to look at it occasionally. Nearly always in response to a link posted by a friend. You know the sort. The look at this, isn’t it fab/cute/pretty sort of link. And I’d dutifully click on the link and agree that yes it was fab/cute/pretty or whatever. Assuming it was, of course. I’d never actually bought anything from Etsy, or even registered or joined or whatever they call it.

All that changed at the weekend. There was this discussion, you see. The type of discussion that persuades you to idly reach for the mouse and start Googling. Mmm, that type. They never end well, do they? We were discussing TV, mostly cult TV and cross stitch and would we stitch or had we stitched our favourite shows. It suddenly popped into my head that it’d be an amazing idea to stitch something to do with Firefly. Yeah. And, before I knew it I was Googling Firefly and Cross stitch. A few photo realistic ones that didn’t do much for me came up and then I found this on Wee Little Stitches.

How cute is that? Look at Jayne in his hat. And Nathan Mal in his brown coat. And there’s Inara in her pretty frock. You can clearly tell who each and every character is. It’s just perfect. I fell in love. I may just add “Cowboys in Space” beneath the characters, just because I can though.

And obviously I didn’t stop there. There was so much more to look at. Ferris Bueller’s day off – I love that film. Pretty in Pink too. Lots of Star Wars stuff. And then I spotted this next one. Another must have as it’s one of the funniest things to be aired recently and I can’t wait for it to come back on.

Words almost fail me. Just look at them. Sheldon…

So I had those two in my basket and was resisting Ferris Bueller when I spotted this last one. Oh my. I nearly fell off my chair with excitement and that’s not easy as it’s a big chair with arms on it.

You know I like Doctor Who, due to the slightly enormous task that I’ve set myself in Starry Night with Tardis. Well how on earth could I resist this, considering that I grew up watching some of the earlier Doctors from behind the sofa. Hey, Daleks were scary when I was a child.

All eleven Doctors plus the Tardis. I love it to bits. And needless to say it got added to the basket with the other two and was purchased.

My charts were emailed the next day. They’re of excellent quality with detailed instructions. I’m very impressed with Wee Little Stitches, and there’s a chance that they may be pixelating Red Dwarf at some point as apparently I’m not the only person to have asked about that possibility. Yes, I had to ask. Oh, come on, can’t you just see Cat done in this style? So, fingers crossed and with a bit of luck, I may even find time to stitch all of these charts that I’m piling up.

I am just so chuffed to bits with these though. So cute!




Author: Carole

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3 thoughts on “Pixel People

  1. Oh I love those! Pixilated Mal! and the Doctors!! And maybe Red Dwarf too?? I have to go check it out


  2. nice, and if you wish, just find joy fax


  3. Well they are a LOT of fun, what a great idea – my favourite is the Dr Who one. Wondering now if I could get Catherine interested in cross stitching by showing her the Firefly one!
    I’m going to go looking. I love Etsy :blush: Have a look at jardinprive.com for some excellent downloadable charts – they print off really clearly. I’m about to stitch one called Once Upon a Time…an Owl, when my arm is recovered from the bunnies – still waiting…not very patiently 😮


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