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I’ve been wanting to try some of the lovely hand-dyed fabrics for a while and it occured to me that a couple of the Pixel People charts that I’ve just acquired might look rather nice on something a bit different. So, I went browsing on Polstitches and found this that I thought would look rather nice with the Eleven Doctors chart. It looks sort of spacey and galaxy-like and will be rather nice to stitch on for a change.

They do variety packs too, which are a good way of getting different fabrics for a bit less money so I purchased one of those too. These are the three that came in it. I may use one for the Big Bang Theory.

One of the others looks to be just the right size for another chart that I’ve just purchased. I made another visit to Wee Little Stitches to get the images for my previous post about them and while doing so I saw a new chart that they’d uploaded. It was only a couple of pounds and it was another of those ones that I just couldn’t resist. Well, I ask you. Look at it.

There were also Harry Potter’s friends and Harry Potter’s enemies but I resisted those. See, I do have some willpower. Not much, I grant you, but a wee bit.


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2 thoughts on “Pretty fabrics

  1. oh, I do like that last chart. I was looking the other day and could only find the friends and the enemy’s which I thought was strange, as it’s the main 3 that I would want.


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