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Hamilton Cross stitch update – Monaco


I haven't had an update to show for this one for a while. I put it away for a couple of weeks after Turkey as there was a gap between that race and Spain. The plan was to do some stitching on the Pooh Calendar and Starry Night and then pick up this one again during the Spanish GP. As the migraines and headaches have been a bit of a nuisance the past month or so that plan failed badly, especially during the last GP when I spent all but the actual race in bed. So, no stitchy updates.

But, I was feeling fine for Monaco, unlike poor Lewis who had a bit of a 'mare of a weekend, and managed to get quite a bit of stitching done over the three days.

This is what it looks like now

I've decided it looks a bit like a bug or an alien spacecraft but if you squint a bit you can tell that the bit that needs filling in on the left is actually the rear tyre. Also, you can make out Hamilton's fingers holding the steering wheel towards the right. The bit at the top is part of the rear spoiler. I've done quite a lot of the fiddly bits on this page with the plan being to leave the easy, non-counting bits for during the actual race. The problem is that I still tend to spend the race with my needle poised in the air above the fabric and my eyes glued to the screen. I just know that the instant that I look down, something even more exciting will happen. 

I'm still really enjoying working on this and it was a bit of a wrench to put it away until the next race in Canada. I do want to keep up to date with the Pooh calendar though and I do want to get some more done on Starry Night. Plus there are many, many more projects that I have lined up.  


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2 thoughts on “Hamilton Cross stitch update – Monaco

  1. hi, may i ask where u can but the kit? hows it coming on? :0) went to the german gp last month, lewis did the biz! lol i try stitching when its on but as u say end up poised with needle eyes on t.v! gone are the days when you could ‘safely’ go to the kutchen, make a cuppa, and get back to the sofa without missing much


  2. Looks sort of like something the Daleks would use for transport.:)


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