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 A quiet month for reading in May with just fifteen books read. Some good ones, some really good ones and a couple of not so good ones. Quite a lot of light reading in there for a change.

Another one bites the dust – Jennifer Rardin
It's ages since I read the first one of these so it took me a while to pick up the threads of it again. Once I did though I enjoyed it just as much as I did the previous one. It's about a CIA assassin with a vampire for a boss. The assassin isn't quite human, and there are lots of supernatural things going on in a human world. It's a bit different and there's lots of kick-ass action. Unfortunately, I got the books that I have in The Works so I got 1, 2, and 5. I was hoping that 3 & 4 might appear if I went in often enough but although lots of other books went home with me, those two didn't. I may have to raid Amazon marketplace.

Chill factor – Rachel Caine
Book three of the Weather Warden series. I thought it might be a good idea to read one of these before I forgot what had happened in the first two books. Good job I did as I struggled to catch up as it was. Once I did though, I really enjoyed it. I like the concept of these books and love the kick ass heroin, much the same as in the previous book that I read.

Cakes and Ale – W. Somerset Maugham
This was a bookring and was a lovely smelly old book. I quite enjoyed it but I won't say that I loved it. I'm not quite sure what it was that made it not quite interesting enough, as on the surface it seemed fine. It just didn't hold my attention for very long. I did like the smell though.

Uprising – Scott G. Mariani
I bought this as it was the first book in a new vampire series. The blurb on the back made it sound really interesting and exciting. I liked the plot and the characters but something in the way it was written wasn't quite there for me. The ending was a bit over the top too. I liked it ok but I doubt I'll be reading any more by the author.

The cruel sea – Nicholas Monserrat
There are a couple of genres of books that I don't read. War books fall very firmly into that, yet here I was completely captivated by a book about life on the convoy ships during the second world war. It's on The Big Read list, of course, which is why I was reading it, and I'm so glad that I did. It really was excellent. Very thought provoking and very emotional in parts.

Twelve sharp – Janet Evanovich
The library had another Stephanie Plum adventure ready for me so I demolished this in one go this morning. Some excellent moments in it. I do love the way the serious bits are interwoven with some absolutely hilarous bits. The feather thong…

Tarka the otter – Henry Williamson
Have I ever mentioned that I'm very anti-blood sports? I had no idea that there was such a thing as otter hunting. How utterly vile and cruel. While I liked this book for its descriptions of the otters and the countryside, the parts of it that dealt with hunting made me so sad that I doubt I'd ever read this again. Vile nasty people. Pah.

Thief of time – Terry Pratchett
Marvellous. Lots of Susan in this one and I really like Susan. She doesn't stand for any nonsense. I rather like The Death of Rats too and his sidekick Quoth. Good storyline to this one too. I liked the History monks, especially the rules. And especially rule one. Great fun.

Bite Club – Rachel Caine
The latest in the Morganville vampires series which I had on pre-order from Amazon of course. It's been sitting on my bookshelf for a week or two until just the right moment which happened to be today. I did enjoy this one. Sometimes these series can be getting a bit stale by the time they get this long but I'm nowhere near bored with this one yet. Roll on the next one. Please.

Take two – Meg Cabot
Another vile migraine dictated the need for another round of simpler books, while I recovered. As I have a boxed set of Princess diaries to go at I thought I'd read the next one of those. I rather like them. Simple yes, but lots of fun.

Size 12 is not fat – Meg Cabot
Still wanting something simple but not quite as much so as the Princess diaries books, I picked up one of the books that Meg Cabot has written for adults. This was actually quite good. I originally bought it in The Works for holiday reading but didn't take it as I then didn't fancy it. I'm so picky sometimes. It was a mixture of chicklit and detective and was still slightly teen orientated but was a nice light fun read.

Size 14 is not fat either – Meg Cabot
You'll gather that this is the sequel. It follows the same character, Heather Wells as she solves a murder in the dorm where she works, as well as dealing with an interesting personal life. Once again a nice fun read and it satisfied the need for something light.

The Godfather – Mario Puzo
You know I've never seen the film? I was actually quite surprised when I realised that. And even more surprised when I realised that despite that, I could picture the actors from the film as I was reading. And hear them. It wasn't a bad read considering that I pretty much knew what was going to happen and it did feel quite dated. It was rather spoilt however by the fact that it had more typos in it than any other book that I've ever come across. I find one or two annoying but this had dozens of obvious ones. I just find that so distracting and it's one of my pet hates.

The castle of crossed destinies – Italo Calvino
Well this was an odd one and no mistake. There were two separate books in there but both were the same idea. A group of people gather in a place of safety, one a castle and one a tavern, to eat and tell their tales of their misfortunes as they made their ways there. The problem is that they've been struck dumb and have to use Tarot cards to tell their tales. All the tales interweave, as do the cards and each tale forms a separate story. There are illustrations of the Tarot cards used in each tale in the margins and the text is how the interpretation forms the story. I mostly liked it but found it a bit dry in places. It was an interesting concept though.

Third time lucky – Meg Cabot
I've got hooked on The Princess Diaries now and just fancied another one so I picked up book three. It was much easier on the brain than the previous book and very relaxing for a quick read on my day off before getting up. Very enjoyable.



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  1. I’ve not kept up with the Jennifer Rardin although I think that Catherine has, I think I’m a couple behind…must put that right! The death of rats is great although I must have read of him in a different book as I’ve not read this one yet – I’m thinking maybe the one where death stops working as death and gets the job on the farm perhaps was that Reaper Man? I’ve not read a Pratchett for ages…perhaps the time is ripe 🙂


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