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Winnie the Pooh calendar – July


This section seems to have taken ages. There’s so much of it. As well as WtP, there’s his picnic basket, all that grass, the flowers and finally those fiddly, fiddly bees. And lots and lots of backstitch, which I did as I went along, as much as I could.

I tell you, all those fractional stitches on 18 ct Aida are just no joke. I really wish I was working on evenweave as it’s driving me nuts. It is rather satisfying to finish each section though and July was one of the largest so I’m very happy that it’s done. August has a lot less in it so I started a very small project last night to give me a break from the larger ones.


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4 thoughts on “Winnie the Pooh calendar – July

  1. hello. I’ve just discovered my half done calender. I began it when pregnant with my daughter, and it never got completed. she’s 21 this year I’d love to finish it but don’t have July to December chart. do you know where I could get it


    • You’ve been working on yours for even longer than me then LOL
      If you purchased it originally and have just lost half of the chart, you could email Designer Stitches. There is a UK phone number on the packaging if that helps – +44 (0)161 491 2550. No idea if that will still work mind. Good luck tracking them down 🙂


      • I just downloaded this pattern. My cousin is nicknamed Pooh so I’m going to make her the calendar for Christmas. Can you tell me what the design size is? I have no idea what size aida cloth to get.

        Thank you


        • If you’ve downloaded this and it didn’t come with that information, I’m guessing it’s not from the official supplier and would be a breach of copyright. Show me proof that it isn’t and I’ll be glad to help.


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