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Last night was Friday night Sew-in and I made the most of it as I’ve had a week’s holiday this week. I’ve spent a good part of the week spring cleaning and working my way through a rather large to do list so yesterday I decided should be Friday afternoon/evening/night Sew-in. It even made its way to Saturday morning as I stayed up until 1am finishing the small project that I’d started.

Following on from that badge that was ‘made for me’, I’d spotted this design over on Kell’s blog last Saturday and was waiting impatiently for it to be released on the 16th so I could stitch it, as obviously it’s either designed with me in mind or Kell and I have this in common. What do you think?

I had some rather lovely Opalescent hand-dyed fabric. It was just a small piece and it went beautifully with the color variations DMC that I had. I used one of the solid colours that co-ordinate with it for the text. I have plans for framing this with some craft materials that I have on hand. I’m not sure if it’ll work but if it does it’ll be very useful for all future small projects. I’ll take photos as I go and pop the results on here if it works. If it doesn’t, I’ll never mention it again *grin*.

I seem to be getting a bit addicted to Kell’s designs as this is the third one I’ve stitched this year and I have several more downloaded with plans to stitch them. I just had to do this one straight away though. It’s perfect, isn’t it? I loved working on that swirly border and when it’s framed, I do think I ought to hang it on one of my bookcases.


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