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Well this didn’t work out too badly. The idea for it came from some chipboard frames that are advertised in New Stitches magazine. They’re two shaped pieces of chipboard, with a shaped aperture in the front piece. You sandwich the cross stitch between them and add ribbon to hang. I saw them and thought I could do that myself if the stitched piece was small enough. The Bookstore piece was just about small enough so this is what I did.

First I gathered up my supplies – Cuttlebug, Spellbinder dies, and some coloured chipboard.

The chipboard was just the right size for this particular project and the largest die in that pack was just about big enough so I cut out an aperture using my trusty ‘bug. The ‘bug was a bit reluctant to cut all the way through that chipboard as it is quite thick so I had to finish off with a craft knife. Very, very carefully. Unfortunately, I think the die must have slipped a touch as it went through the ‘bug as it’s ever so slightly off centre but it’s close enough.

I tidied up any snags with a craft file and used a black marker to carefully line the inside so you couldn’t see the bare chipboard. Then I cut out a backboard from some thinner card, but just slightly smaller and applied double-sided tape to both. I also sorted out some ribbon from my stash.

I centred the cross stitch onto the back board and stuck it down. I was able to lift it a couple of times in places to adjust it to get it nice and straight. Then I stuck the frame over the top. I used double-sided tape to cross the ribbon over the back so it hung nicely and that finished it off a treat. It’s now hanging on one of my bookcases in the living room.

As I already had all of the materials, it cost nothing to make. It isn’t perfect but you have to get fairly close to see that. I’ve got quite a lot of different Spellbinder dies and two boxes of that chipboard so I can make lots more frames in an assortment of shapes and sizes for anything smaller than this sampler.

The frame isn’t perfectly in proportion to the cross stitch design, but I don’t think it matters. I’m just happy that I could make my own and have my stitching hung up rather than put into the cupboard to be dealt with at some non-existent later date. This was finished the day after the stitching was, so rather efficient for me. It was also nice to get my crafting materials out again. Maybe I’ll even do some scrapbooking again one of these days…


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