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At the weekend, I went cybershopping with Tree via email. We looked at cross stitch charts online, admired the pretty threads and having found a shop with speciality threads at a very low price, decided between us that it’d be rude not to indulge. So, we did. Tree bought the Coffee Menu chart that I already have kitted up and we’ll soon be stitching that together. I’m looking forward to that. We both bought Sunflower Inn. Not one that I’d really looked at before but Tree persuaded me that it was a must stitch so we’ll be doing that one together at some point too.

It was when I was looking for a bigger picture of Sunflower Inn that I came across The Patchwork Rabbit, the shop with the nice prices on threads. They also had a gorgeous chart on their home page that I was instantly smitten with and I bought that as well. It’s in the photo below with Sunflower Inn. Isn’t it just beautiful?

And then there were the threads. I got all that I needed for Sunflower Inn and for Wildflower apart from one colour. I was going to use some of the Six Strand Sweets for them but it’s difficult to know which will do until you actually have the chart in your hand and I wanted to get the threads there and then. I may still substitute some and keep the Gentle Arts threads for something else. We’ll see. This is my new thread stash. They’re so pretty.

Definitely no more spending on stash until I’ve finished my current WIPs. I have enough projects now to keep me stitching for the next five years. Shame that part of the fun of it is in the shopping, eh?


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