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I don’t think I’ve ever made such a meal of organising a holiday as I have of this one. It’s not that long until we set off and I’ve only just finished booking the last few bits and bobs. Fairly important bits too, such as hotels and car hire. I’ve no idea why, apart from the fact that it all seems so much more expensive than previous years and I’ve spent hours online searching for better deals. I think I’ve finally got it all booked though.

The final tally is:

1 x car parking at airport (for three weeks)
1 x flights (into Vancouver and out of Calgary)
1 x cruise, 7 nights
5 x hotels
2 x car hire (1 pre-cruise, 1 post-cruise)
2 x Port Adventures

The most expensive bit was the flights. We’re having to fly with BA from Heathrow. Neither the airline nor the airport would be my first choice, or even my second but they were the best deal by a long shot, even taking the overnight hotel and parking into account. We did expect the flights to be pricey so they weren’t too painful.

The next most expensive item was painful though. I booked the car hire last weekend and I still feel like I was mugged. The pre-cruise portion is only four days so it’s expensive as we don’t get the weekly rate. So, even though the car is only tiny, the bill isn’t. The car for the post-cruise portion though, is going to be taking us on quite an adventure. Because of this we wanted a slightly larger car so got an intermediate. An SUV would have been nice, but as we got stung for a CAD 300 bill for the one-way drop off fee, on top of the very large car rental charge, that was out of the question. We knew there would be a one-way fee but I hadn’t realised it would be quite so large. Ah well. It’ll be worth it. I’m just picturing that drive across the Rockies.

We stop at three different ports on the cruise but plan to do our own thing in one port. At one we’ve booked a cheap and cheerful excursion. It looks like great fun and should be very Disney. For the other port we’ve splashed out a bit. It’s not one of the very expensive trips, more mid-priced, but it looks fabulous and is just the type of thing that we like. Wildlife and photo ops – perfect.

We’ve gone for budget hotels. Two are Days Inns – free parking, free wi-fi and free breakfast. Marvellous. We don’t need anything fancy, just somewhere to sleep, park the car and connect the laptop to the internet of course. I can’t go three weeks without the ‘net. And I will be uploading photos to the blog most days.

The plan then:

Vancouver – 3 full days where we have plenty of sightseeing planned
Cruise – 7 nights to Alaska (woot!)
Kamloops – 1 night
Jasper – 3 nights
Banff – 6 nights

We’ve got lots planned to do in and around Jasper and Banff. Lakes, mountains, cable cars, scenic walks and views and drives. It’s going to be amazing. If time allows we have a detour planned on the drive from Vancouver as I spotted something interesting en route but it’ll depend on what time we get away as it’s a long drive that day.

I have started packing. I put the first items ready to be placed partly into the cases and partly into the hand luggage. And anyone that has even a passing acquaintance with me can probably guess what those items are *grin*

So, I’m getting there. Getting organised. We now have somewhere to sleep and cars to get there. I still have a To Do list as long as my arm, but at least I do have a list. It’s somewhere to start.


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