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My second book in the Transworld Book Club challenge came nice and quickly and it was one that I’d been looking forward to.

The cover on my copy is slightly different to the above and the tag line says ‘A hilarious account of a year in the life of a village school.’ As I laughed out loud several times while reading this and giggled several times more, I’m not going to argue with that. It was definitely more than this though. It was also charming and heart-warming, and a few chapters left me with a slight moistness around the eyes.

Oh dearie me though, some of the things that those kids came out with. I’d love to share the one particular anecdote with you, but it’s just not suitable blog fodder. I repeated it to Stephen and he roared with laughter and demanded to know more. This is the chap who does not read books. I wish he did, he would love this one.

I liked the way each chapter started with the entry from the official log entry for the school and the chapter that followed was what actually happened. The bits that couldn’t go in the official entry, as it were.

I thought it might be similar to the books by Gervase Phinn as I loved those, and that’s the reason that I chose this particular book. They come at the story from different angles though. This book follows the same cast of children and teachers so you get a different feel to it than the ones by Gervase Phinn. I think I like them both equally.

If you like reading about the things that kids say and do, and like a good reminisce about the seventies with plenty of pop culture references thrown in, this is a great read. Lots of laughs and a few tender moments too.



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