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As I’m much too cheap to pay for my internet access, I wasn’t expecting to be online this morning, as the Travelodge charge for it, but here I am combining two of my favourite occupations – drinking coffee and surfing for free. Deep joy. This means that I can start my holiday blogging earlier than expected so here goes.

Yesterday, after finishing work, I had to finish the packing. I only had one suitcase left to stuff but there was rather a lot left to go into it so poor Stephen had to go back into the loft and find a larger case. There was no way that everything was going to fit in the one that I had. Once I’d got something more suitably sized, I managed nicely and then just had to cross my fingers (and toes) and hope that all the cases came in under the required 23kg. They did, just. The smaller one has a few kg to spare so once the books are read and abandoned, there’s room for a couple of souvenir t-shirts methinks.
I must just say that I couldn’t have done it without my new favourite toy.

And we're off
It takes a little longer to get all the tops folded but they fit in the cases so much more easily once they’re all the same size.

We were on the road at 6.30pm, only 30 minutes later than we’d hoped. That’s not bad for us. Two miles down the road I remembered the first thing that I’d forgotten to pack. Jewellery. Not that I wear much, but I do like to change my earrings occasionally on holiday as I only ever wear sleepers normally. Also I have a favourite necklace that I like to take. Oh well. Stephen commented that I could get some new earrings on holiday. I wasn’t going to argue with that.

Three miles further on, Stephen asked me to glance on the back seat to check that his jacket was there. It wasn’t. His reading glasses were in the pocket, as well as a few other essentials. We turned around. While I was in the house fetching it, I got my jewellery. Result.

We set out, again, at 7pm, and headed for the Travelodge near Heathrow. We got there just after 9pm. We were a bit weary, having both been up very early for work, and then having run around like headless chickens to get packed, get the house locked up etc. Plus the drive. Oh, and there’d been a quick trip to the supermarket for sandwiches for our dinner to have in the Travelodge. It was a long day.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this particular Travelodge other than on price. It was very cheap. It’s clean enough, just, and the bed was comfy enough. The shower was fine. There’s no catch or lock on the bathroom door, only one of each size towel and only one small bar of soap. We did however snag the parking space dead opposite the door and the services are about twenty yards away, with a Costa, which is where I am now. With Free Wi-Fi – yeah! It was also very cheap, as mentioned, and is so close to Heathrow that you could hear feel the planes taking off until quite late last night. It did the job.

In a few minutes we’ll be taking the car off to where it’s spending its holidays, and we’ll be shuttled to the airport. Our flight is at 5.15pm and we’ll arrive in Vancouver at around 6.15pm as there’s an 8 hour time difference.

And yes, I do know that we could easily have driven from Birmingham to Heathrow this morning but I panic. We can do bag drop at 2.15 so that’s the time that I need to be there. I’d have to allow hours and hours extra for the drive – just in case. You never know what could go wrong. A puncture, an accident, anything. And it’s a bank holiday on Monday so lots of extra traffic on the roads. No, much safer to be a couple of miles away from the airport then I don’t have to worry.

Ok, time to go. See you in Canada!


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