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It’s Friday night again

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It’s a bit like Deja vu. We’ve already had one Friday night on the plane. And now we’re on Vanvcouver time, we’re having another one. My body clock thinks that it might be Saturday morning but isn’t certain as I had about four hours kip while we were in the air. It’s all very confusing but I think I’m tired enough to sleep tonight and hopefully not be awake at 3am. Strewth, and I thought the 5 hour time difference was interesting when we do the East coast.

So, as we’re now safely installed in our hotel, I thought I’d just test the wi-fi and sneak in an extra blog post. Sort of Friday part two if you like, only you’re getting it on Saturday I suppose. This is going to be most confusing isn’t it.

First off, Purple Parking. Once again they were very impressive. We’re confident that the car is in safe hands. They were very efficient, friendly and courteous. And we were very happy to let them do the driving into Heathrow as the traffic was mad.

I wasn’t looking forward to Heathrow as I loathe Gatwick and I was tarring them both with the same brush, possibly unfairly. As it happened, T5 was great. It was quiet and well run and as soon as our time came up for us to drop our bags, we were airside in no time. Airside was like a shopping centre and was rather busier, but it was still ok. We liked the transit system that we had to ride to get over to our gate. It whooshed along. Great fun.

Boarding was fine, and quite funny when the chap made what I hope was a mistake when he tried to board “children with small families” first. We had a small delay so we didn’t take off until 6pm and we were told we would be taking a very northerly route to avoid high winds. Wonder if that was Irene. We went over Iceland, Greenland and Newfoundland. Stephen tells me that at one point half the people on the plane had their cameras out talking photos but I was asleep so I missed it. I did however get a nice photo of the Rockies, and as that’s where we’re going, although maybe not that exact bit, I’m happy with the shot I do have.

It's Friday night again
That was just before we came in to land in Vancouver. The views for about half an hour before landing were lovely and we had a beautiful view of Vancouver itself as we flew over it prior to swinging round for the airport.

Everything went smoothly enough at the airport. We went through it quickly enough. We got upgraded at Alamo as I thought we might, as I’d only booked the smallest car and they rarely have many of those. It would have been fine but I wasn’t going to complain about the slightly larger one. At least Stephen wasn’t. We got a bit confused on the way to the hotel. We lost Knight St. I’ve no idea where the turning for it was but we gave up in the end and came down a different street. It’s all on a grid so I don’t think it made a lot of difference. We got here fine and the room is small, but has everything it’s supposed to have and is clean. It’s cheap and cheerful and has free wi-fi.

So altogether the day was fine. We’ve got here safely and with a bit of luck we’ll sleep well and will be raring to go tomorrow.


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