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Grouse Mountain

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It’s pretty well known that I’m scared of heights. So, where have we come on holiday? To a lovely place with mountains and bridges and other high stuff. Of course we have. I’ve come with the attitude that I’m fed up of missing out on the interesting and fun things and am going to try and not be such a scaredy cat. Easier said than done, I know, as fear of heights isn’t logical, but today I have done well.

Today I’ve been on one of these.

Grouse Mountain
And on one of these.

Grouse Mountain
I wasn’t too worried about the Sky Ride as my subconsious seems to perceive cable cars as flying and as I’m not scared of flying, that’s not a problem. I’ve never been on a chair lift before though so I had no idea how I’d be on it. I was fine. Loved it in fact. Stephen on the other hand, the person who isn’t scared of heights, was a bit white-knuckled. I found that quite amusing.

The day got off to a slow start. I’m afraid I woke with a headache. Only one of the vile bangy headaches thankfully and not a migraine but it would not go away. It took until noon before I was fit to leave the room so we didn’t get the early start we wanted. Still, we can work around it as our plans were flexible to accomodate the weather.

The day was beautiful. Hot and sunny with just a few wisps of cloud in the sky. I think it got up to about 27 degrees although it was slightly cooler up the mountain. We took light jackets but didn’t need them. We found our way to Grouse Mountain easily enough with just a map. There was only a small queue to go up and in no time we were in the sky ride for the short trip up. It was amazing. So fast and smooth and the views of Vancouver as you soar up the mountain are spectacular.

Once at the top we went for lunch. There’s a great selection of places to eat up there but we went for something quick. I just had a slice of pizza and Stephen had a burger. Then we went for a walk round and came across the bird show about to start. I love birds of prey so we stopped to watch and take a few photos. It seemed like a good opportunity to try out the sports mode on the camera.

Grouse Mountain
Next we walked round to the chair lift and decided to go all the way up. As I said, I’d never been in one before but I wasn’t even worried about getting on, with it not stopping. It was very easy and the seat was nice and deep so I felt very safe. The views from there as we sailed slowly up were once again absolutely amazing. The ride takes 15 minutes and is so calm and peaceful. It was wonderful.

There wasn’t a great deal to see at the top but there were some lovely views from various points. We could see Canada Place from where we’ll be sailing on Tuesday so we got quite excited about that. We could see snow covered mountains and actually found snow on the ground as we were exploring so that was exciting too. Stephen was enjoying himself taking lots of photos and posing for the odd one.

Grouse Mountain
After walking round the top a while, and watching the zip-liners, we decided to go back down to the lower level. We had the choice of walking or using the chair lift again but there was no competition really. I was very keen to get back in that chair lift. I’m not so sure about Stephen though. You had to stand quite close to the edge to wait for the chair to scoop you up and he was eyeing the drop up a bit nervously. Oddly enough, I was fine.

Grouse Mountain
We had another walk round once we got to the middle level before going down in the Sky Ride to the bottom. It really whooshes down when it leaves the top station. It’s just amazing. Like flying. We were lucky to secure a spot at the front of the ride both times so we had a brilliant view going up and down. We took photos but being through glass, they’re not perfect.

All that walking and fresh air wore us out a bit and it was getting late by then as we’d been up on that mountain for hours, so we came back to the hotel. We’ve had a snack dinner in our room and are having an early night as we hope to get up nice and early to catch the Grand Prix before breakfast.

We’ve had a terrific day today and really enjoyed ourselves. Great start to the holiday.


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