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The Vancouver trolley

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Yesterday we were on top of Grouse Mountain looking down on Canada place. We could see the distinctive white sails that marked where we’ll be cruising from on Tuesday. Today we were standing under those sails looking up at Grouse Mountain and marvelling at just how high up we were yesterday. How cool is that, eh?

Once again we were fortunate with the weather as it was another glorious day. At one point we passed a sign that told us that the current temperature was 29 degrees. There was a slight breeze that made that just pleasant.

We were up bright and early this morning, and when I say up, I mean that we were awake but still in bed as we were watching the Grand Prix at 5am. Hey, it’s what we do. Once that had finished, we went down to breakfast, which is included in our room cost. It isn’t bad, there’s toast, bagels, cereal, some pastries and a bit of fruit. And coffee of course. All in a nice little breakfast room.

We took our time getting ready to go out and had done a quick supermarket trip for a few bits and were on the road by 10am. We drove to Stanley Park and pulled in by the aquarium. This was on our list of things that we really wanted to do and we had a nice couple of hours in there. We enjoyed a talk on raptors and watched a display of Beluga whales.

The Vancouver trolley
I’m not sure I’d even heard of Beluga whales before so I found that really interesting. We spent quite a bit of time in the tropical section looking at the fish. They have some huge fish including one gorgeous catfish who came right up to the glass to say hello.

Then we went to visit the famous sea otters. I’d seen them ages ago on the internet. You must have seen the clip on youtube of them holding hands as they float round. They even had that clip showing in the gift shop. That pair wasn’t out this morning but we did see one being fed and he was very cute.

We walked around the Amazon exhibit and looked at the birds and butterfllies and snakes. The snakes were beautiful. Just look at this chap.

The Vancouver trolley
One reason for starting at the aquarium was that it is right by a stop for the Hop On, Hop Off trolley, which we’d got tickets for. After we’d finished looking round, we walked down and got on the next trolley to come along. We enjoyed listening to the commentary as we travelled round Stanley Park and then around Vancouver.

We got off at Canada Place and had a walk round there to see where we’d be sailing from on Tuesday. There were a couple of ships in which we had a nose at as we walked up and down. This one was the larger of the two, although you can’t really tell from this photo as I was trying to be all arty with the white sails.

The Vancouver trolley
After walking round here we wandered round the corner into Gastown and explored that area for a couple of hours. I have a sweet tooth, especially for maple syrup so I was delighted to find a shop that specialised in all things maple. They even did maple cappuccino but I resisted that and just had some maple chunk ice-cream. It was very nice indeed.

We saw the steam clock and heard it strike the quarter hour and further down we saw the statue of Gassy Jack. There were lots of lovely shops to wander in and out of but every time I saw something that I fancied I kept thinking of that 23kg weight limit on the suitcases and found it quite off-putting. Sigh.

We walked back past Canada Place and stopped for a couple more photos.

The Vancouver trolley
Then we got back on the HoHo and went back to Stanley Park to get our car. We drove round Stanley Park’s one-way system, stopping off to admire the view, have a stroll, take photos etc, as we fancied, until we felt we’d had enough for the day.

At Prospect point we watched the two ships head off, along with quite a few other people. Everyone had got their cameras out ready to catch the ship as it came under the bridge. Then a chattering noise was heard and a raccoon appeared from under a bush. Everyone’s camera moved from the big impressive ship that was sailing gracefully beneath the bridge, to the small raccoon. Well, it was kind of cute…

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped off at Safeway and picked up chicken and chips for our dinner. Oh the extravagance.


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