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Bridges and treetops and cliffs

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That’d be Capilano park then, and didn’t I do well. Today I went up here.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
In order to get to that, I had to go over on this.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
Yikes, eh? But, I’m afraid to say that I completely and utterly wimped out when it came to this.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
I found my limit, and my limit is apparently bits of metal sticking out from a cliff.

So, backtracking to this morning, we started the day by doing the blue loop on the HoHo to use the second day on our tickets. We really enjoyed going round and seeing some of Vancouver without having to worry about getting lost. The commentary was very entertaining especially as our driver kept going off the prepared script and onto Vancouver economics, politics and general gossip. It was most enlightening. Before getting on the trolley we had a spot of breakfast at a rather nice food court at Canada Place. I was a bit bemused by all the choice and in the end had a slice of pizza. Personally, I see nothing wrong with pizza for breakfast. It’s just like cheese on toast only with other stuff on as well.

After our tour we drove out to Capilano and entered the park. We looked at the bridge. I decided that I needed some coffee before attempting it so we went for a quick sit down and a drink. Then we went and looked at the bridge some more. We walked along and looked at the cliff walk, which you could look down at. It looked very scary. I was being careful not to look at how high the bridge was at this point. Then, I decided that I could dither about all day but the best bet was to just ‘do it’ so I walked over to the bridge and just walked over it.

I say walked over it. I got about halfway and wasn’t doing to badly. The bridge was moving quite a lot as there were some people jumping on it and I started to get a bit panicky. I’d been very careful not to look down but I did make the mistake of stopping and found it quite hard to start again. For about fifteen seconds I thought I might be stuck but then I managed to start walking again and although I wasn’t what you’d call calm, I got over. I was trying not to think about the return journey, as quite frankly I was very happy to have done it. Bridges are one of my big fears so to have gone over a narrow swaying suspension bridge was quite a big thing.

We thought it best to do something calming next so we did the nature walk which takes you by the side of the river, but from a height. It goes under the bridge and the treetops walk and then back round. It’s all on a boardwalk and is very tranquil. At least it was until we came to a bit from where I took the above photo of the bridge, which is where I realised just how high it actually is. 230 ft to be precise and it stretches 450 ft across. Yikes. I still can’t believe that I walked over that. Twice.

After our nice walk round we decided to go up into the trees. They have a Treetops adventure which is seven suspension bridges between the trees. It’s very tame compared to ‘that bridge’ though as it only reaches 100 ft at its highest and doesn’t wobble nearly as much, as the spans are much shorter.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
See? Piece of cake. You can bet I wasn’t doing that on the big bridge, but these treetop bridges were much sturdier. I still didn’t look down on the actual spans, but the bits round the treetops that linked them, I did look down as I was ok on them. And, considering that for a while I was 100 ft up on these smaller bridges, I’m thinking that I did pretty well there. In case you’re thinking that maybe that’s a look of fear on my face there, here’s a better pic.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
See? No fear. Two out of three so far then so not bad. You might notice that for the first time the jacket is on. It was a bit cooler today as the sun was behind a cloud. It was still warm enough, just a bit overcast. The clouds were down over Grouse Mountain though so I’m very glad that we didn’t leave that until today.

We’d done everything we wanted to on this side so it was time to go back over the main bridge. I didn’t have a lot of choice so we waited until some boisterous people had gone over and then I just went for it. I was very, very careful not to look down. I just alternated on focusing on the planks of the bridge and the end of it and walked at a steady pace. It was actually quite difficult to walk on it as it tossed you about a bit. First the left side lifts up and then the right, and not at the same tempo all the time. Stephen said it made you stagger like a drunk.

I got there though and promptly demanded coffee and a honking great cake as a reward. My legs were shaking just a bit, and I was very relieved to have got safely back over.

Next was the cliff walk. We descended the spiral stairs to the first platform and then I stalled. I just couldn’t do it. We stayed there for about ten minutes while I tried to persuade myself down. I had my feet on the steps a couple of times but I’d found my limit. I mean, have you seen it?

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
It’s not quite as high as the bridge but it’s much higher than the treetops adventure. Some of it is glass, but you don’t have to walk on the glass if you don’t want to. I don’t know why it scared me so much more than the treetops but I just could not set foot on it. At least I can say I tried though.

Stephen really enjoyed it and I took a few photos of him down there before he disappeared. Then I had a chat to some people from Manchester while I waited for him. They were waiting for their friends too so at least I wasn’t the only one who opted out.

We’d seen pretty much all we wanted after that, but found time for a couple more photos. There was a nice garden area with some totem poles which was too good a photo op to resist.

Bridges and treetops and cliffs
Then we had a quick look around the obligatory gift shop where I had to purchase the t-shirt that says “I survived The Capilano Suspension Bridge”. Well, I am rather proud of that. Stephen had to go in for some oneupmanship and got the cliffwalk version *grin*

I was a bit weary when we got back with all the fresh air, excitement, and sheer terror so had a little read for an hour before doing the bulk of the packing. Stephen nipped next door to get some McDinner, while I packed. We’re pretty much ready to go now. Just a few last minute things to pack but we should be ready to go bright and early tomorrow.

Tomorrow we take to the high seas and I’ve heard that the internet on board the ship is useless so I don’t expect to be updating my blog again until after the cruise. I’ll no doubt have to give it a try, ‘just to check my email’ you understand, but othewise – see you in a week.


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