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Tuesday – 30th August, Cruise day 1

The day started early as there was still a little packing to be done and I had to shower before I could pack most of my bathroom bits and bobs. First things first though. Coffee in bed and a read for half an hour to wake me up. That done, I showered, and we went down to the daybreak room for breakfast. We had toast and pastries and more coffee and then went back so I could finish the packing. It didn’t take long as it was pretty much done.

There was time for a last minute check of my email etc before saying goodbye to the internet for a week and then we were heading in the direction of the port. Returning the car to Alamo proved to be easy enough and we now know where to pick the next one up from next week. We found our way to where we were supposed to go to board the ship easily enough and there were plenty of people on hand to gently steer us in the right direction whenever we stopped or looked a bit confused. We were given boarding number 14.

It didn’t take long to get through US customs, although we were pulled to one side and sent all the way down to speak to someone as soon as they spotted our UK passports. As we were walking down we wondered why we’d been singled out but it turned out the woman at the end just wanted to ask if we’d done ESTA. Of course I had, so we were promptly put back into the line, right at the front and were straight through. Why the chap at the front couldn’t have asked us the question, I do not know. Maybe the woman was standing by an exit to speedily get rid of us if we hadn’t done it. Gulp.

So, having shown our docs and passports to lots of different people, we were allowed onto the ship. We were very excited. And hungry so we headed slowly to Beach Blanket Buffet to get some lunch.
Wow, this was a very nice buffet indeed. The staff were beyond helpful. I was slightly worried about how I was going to manage with a pull along piece of hand luggage and a tray but there was a chap waiting at the end of the queue who quickly took my tray from me and escorted us to a table. The food was delicious and there was the usual great Disney selection. I had some salmon and veggies and some peach cobbler. Ah, veggies. I’ve missed vegetables with all the McDinners and the like. Stephen had mash, beef and veggies. He also had the peach cobbler. It was very nice with some custard.

After lunch we went outside in the sun and had some water from the drink station and relaxed for a while. At 1.30 they announced that the staterooms were ready so we went to see if our cases had arrived. One had, and happily it was the one with my clothes in it, so I got that unpacked and we admired our home for the next week.

We’ve had the smallest inside cabin as that’s what we could afford with one year’s worth of DVC points, and it’s fine. It’s plenty big enough for us two and there’s loads of storage space. The bed is huge and very comfy. The pillows are the best I’ve come across in any hotel. There’s a lovely little sofa and Stephen loves that the TV swivels round so he can watch it from there or the bed. There are curtains that pull across to separate the bed from the living area. The bathroom is very compact but has everything you could need and the shower is great. Again there is sufficient storage in there.

After packing we went back up to deck nine for a coffee. We didn’t go to the sail away party but we did go up a deck and stand by the rails when we started moving at 5pm.  We got some great views of Vancouver, of Canada Place and of Stanley Park. We went under Lions Gate Bridge, which we’d gone over a few times the past couple of days, and we waved to the people on Prospect point which is where we were on Sunday.

After we’d finished enjoying the view we popped back down to deck seven to see if the rest of our luggage had turned up. It had so I got that unpacked and then we went to the theatre to see the All Aboard show. It was excellent especially the comedian/ventriloquist. We were laughing so hard at him. He has a show tomorrow night for adults only and we’re hoping we can stay awake late enough to see it.

I was starting to get my bearings round the ship by now and I realised what a great location I’d picked for our stateroom. I’d chosen it as I’d hoped it would be quiet and still but it seems to be handy for just about everything. We’re midships on deck seven so we only have to go up or down a couple of decks and along a bit and we’re there. Marvellous. We had a nosey round in the shop after the show, as it’s right outside the theatre and got a couple of Alaska cruise t-shirts. Well, you have to really, don’t you. Then we went to relax a bit and freshen up ready for dinner.

Dinner tonight was in Animator’s Palate and we’d chosen the later sitting so it was at 8.15. We were slightly worried about who we might be seated with but our tablemates were very nice. I do think someone at Disney has a sense of humour though. We were at a table for eight but there were only three couples. We’re interested to see if a fourth couple turns up tomorrow and you’ll see why in a moment. All three of us are DVC members. We’re all of a similar age. Fair enough. The humorous bit is that all three chaps are called Steve. The two other ladies are Chris and Cathy. Yes, all Cs too. It made introduction time a lot of laughs. One of the couples is from the US and the other is originally from the UK but now lives in the US so we’ve got on well. And, we’re all looking forward to seeing if a fourth couple turns up tomorrow to see if we have a full set of Steves.

Dinner was delicious. This is what we had.
Me – Wild mushroom risotto and porcini twist
Salmon in filo pastry
Strawberry sable

Stephen – Baked potato and cheddar cheese soup
Marinated Angus beef tenderloin
Lemon mouse (no sugar added)

The restaurant was lovely, especially the little show at the end. We were completely wiped out by the time we’d had our coffee though so we went straight back to our stateroom and I got straight into bed with the intention of reading for a while. I only managed a few pages and almost nodded off over my book so gave up and went to sleep. Must be the sea air.

Tomorrow is a day at sea as we head North up to Alaska. We’ve got a few vague things planned but mostly we plan to take it easy after a hectic few days.


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