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 Wednesday – 31st August, Cruise day 2

I slept really well unlike Stephen who claimed to have been awake all night due to the noise and motion of the ship. Odd that as the couple of times that I’d woken, he’d definitely been asleep. I’ve never known him to snore when awake. I miss not having a coffee maker in the room but it’s never far to a source of coffee so it’s not that much of a hardship.

We got ready to leave our stateroom fairly leisurely and arrived at Beach Blanket Buffet at around 8am. The breakfast selection was excellent. I had some hot items such as bacon and sausage and had a pancake with maple syrup too. Stephen had much the same but without the pancake.

After breakfast we had a wander round the deck to enjoy the scenery for a while and then went to the Alaska presentation in the theatre. This was really interesting and we learnt a lot about what we would see and about Alaska in general. The speaker was excellent. She talked as if she was chatting to a friend so she came across as friendly and informative but never boring.

Then we had another wander round the deck. We were sailing down a channel that kept narrowing and expanding so there was always something different to look at. Mostly mountains, sometimes with snow on top, sometimes they’d be covered in mist, and sometimes the sun would burn that off. It was definitely a bit parky out on deck though with a bit of a strong breeze.

Then it was time for lunch and we decided to eat at Parrot Cay to see what that was like. This was a buffet but slightly more formal than Beach Blanket. It was lovely. The food selection was slightly Italian and I had some pasta and polenta with some beans and olives. It was all delicious.

Stephen had similar but where I had just foccacia, his was made into a sandwich. The dessert selection was just yummy. I had a hard time picking just one so I had two. ~blushes~ I had an orange cappuccino roulade and a strawberry tart. Both small portions, I hasten to add. Hey, could you have resisted either of those?
Stephen had Strawberry ice-cream, with real strawberries in it, and hot chocolate sauce on top. Then the wee tinker went back and got lemon amaretto cheesecake and one of those orange cappuccino roulades. And you thought I was bad.

We needed a rest after all that lovely food so we went back to our stateroom to relax before our next intended activity in an hour. Unfortunately we relaxed so much that we both nodded off. Stephen in front of the TV and me over my book, and that never happens. Must be all the fresh air…

The next thing we had planned was the next Alaska presentation. We missed the first few minutes but again it was very enjoyable. After that we went up to the Cove, the adult only café, for a nice latte and cappuccino and a cake, and a sit down in the warm to watch the scenery go by. Stephen also made me go out on deck for a walk in the now much stronger breeze so we could take some photos. You have no idea how glad I am that I had most of my hair chopped off before we came away. It was driving me nuts enough as it was. In these conditions I’d have taken the scissors to it myself *grin*

The next activity was The Golden Mickeys, so we popped back to our stateroom for a quick tidy up and then went to the theatre. I was expecting this to be pretty good but I had no idea it was going to be as good as it was. I absolutely loved it.

Dinner tonight was formal night at Parrot Cay. We hadn’t brought posh clothes with us, just some slightly less casual clothes than the rest of our wardrobe. We don’t do dressy. There was such a range of outfits in the restaurant though that it seems that lots of other people don’t either.
Tonight we ate:
Bay scallops on a bed of risotto
Jumbo Shrimps with tagliatelli
Crème brulee
Bay scallops on a bed of risotto
Grilled ginger-lime swordfish steak
Pear tart

And then there was this line of servers behind us. With a cake. Sigh. We got the anniversary song but at least we weren’t alone as our new tablemates were celebrating too so they also got a cake and shared the song.

Talking of our new tablemates, we found out that they were at Palo last night which is why they hadn’t joined us. They’re very nice and we all got on very well. Sadly we don’t have another Steve, we have a Lance, but we’ve all told him that he can be an honorary Steve. We’ve also told our server that we’re going to call him Steve. Just to keep things simple *grin*

After our delicious dinner we had just the right amount of time to get to the theatre for the comedian we’d wanted to see. Oh my, he was really worth staying up for. I’ve never laughed so much. He was very, very funny. It’s a good job he was only on for 45 minutes as I think my sides were going to split.

And that was our day at sea. We seemed to have a really busy day doing not much at all. I ate a lot of pudding and laughed a lot. Stephen did much the same, only he also complained a bit as I’m refusing to take the lift. I’ve nothing against the lift, but if we’re going to keep eating this much, I feel we should try and work some of it off by using the stairs. He keeps casting longing looks at the lifts, and I keep steering him towards the stairs. Don’t feel sorry for him. He’ll thank me when his trousers still fit him next week.


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