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Sunday – 4th September, Cruise day 6

We were due to dock at Ketchikan just after lunchtime and our plan was to leave the ship straight away as we had tickets for the lumberjack show shortly afterwards. We were just going to relax in the morning and go on deck to watch the ship dock. That was the plan. Unfortunately I awoke with a migraine so spent all day, and the next in bed. That would make a pretty boring trip report but luckily Stephen saved the day by going out and about on the ship with his camera, so the following are his adventures.

He refused point blank to leave the ship without me, which I thought was a shame as he could at least have explored the town even if he didn't want to go to the show without me. He had breakfast in the morning and just roamed round the deck enjoying the scenery. He took several photos of the ship, including quite a lot of the funnels. He really seemed to like the funnels as he did take several shots of them.

Then he watched Ketchikan come into view. He went and got himself an ice-cream to eat while the ship was sailing towards the town.


There were four ships already docked so they had to wait for one to move out of the way before the Wonder could come into dock. The one that had to move was the same one that was in our way at Tracy Arm. Pah!

The ship docked and he took photos of the town and people leaving the ship. It was quite overcast but not too cold so the weather was much better than it had been in the other two ports.


Stephen then found a bit of excitement, even though he didn't leave the ship. Apparently when they have new crew, they train them on the lifeboats by launching one when they're in port. And they did that while Stephen was watching. He took loads of photos and really enjoyed watching the drill. He saw it launched, they practiced getting away from the ship, the crew were getting instruction on steering from senior crew members and then they winched it back on board.

Great to know that the lifeboats work, and that the crew know how to use them! And Stephen was really chuffed that he got to see that. After all that excitement he came back to the stateroom to fetch his DS and went and sat in the Cove with a nice coffee. There he played Tetris while watching everyone running back to the ship as it had now started to pour with rain.

He had a nice dinner in Beach Blanket. He's salivating now while he's telling me about it. He had two lemon chicken breasts, two lamb shanks, mashed potatoes, and stir fried veg. And I'm just hearing for the first time, as he knows I can't thump him while I'm typing, that he had four desserts. He says that's because he was eating for two. Hmmm. Then he had a nap. I'm not surprised!

After his nap he had a bit of a walk round and got some hot chocolate before bed. So, he did have quite a nice day and thanks to his photography skills I do at least have some idea what Ketchikan looks like.

I think I need a word about those desserts though…



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