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Jasper – Tramways and lakes

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8th September

After a very quiet and peaceful night in our lovely new hotel, we popped across the car park to the onsite restaurant for breakfast. Stephen had eggs with sausage, bacon etc., and I had pancakes and strawberries. Very yummy. Good food, great service. When we came out we gazed up at the mountains all around us and in particular at one right in front of the hotel. There was a structure right on the top but we couldn't quite make out what it was. It's very tiny and we speculated about it for a while as we walked back to our room. We took a photo but I don't think you can make it out. It's hiding behind that tree right at the top.

Our plan for the morning was to pop to the information centre, just down the road and find out exactly where to get the joint tickets for the two attractions that we wanted to do in Jasper. Plus have a little walk round while we were there. It turned out the ticket place was a two minute walk from the info chalet so that was quickly accomplished. We also spotted another place selling excursions, which our hotel had given us a 10% voucher for. They were advertising something that looked quite tempting so we enquired about it and decided to mull it over and go back later.

The time slot was approaching for our first attraction so we went back to the car and took the pleasant ten minute drive out to the Jasper Tramway. You know I hadn't realised just how high up we actually were in Jasper. We'd climbed so gradually that you just don't notice but the town is at 1059m / 3474 ft. The lower station of the tramway is at an elevation of 1315m / 4314 ft so we had to do a bit of climbing to get up there. In the car, I hasten to add. It was up a lovely wooded road and I had my eyes peeled for wildlife but didn't see any.

This was our first view of the tramway as we exited the woodland and pulled onto the carpark. We followed it up with our eyes and suddenly realised what that tiny structure at the top of that very tall mountain was. Yup, it's the upper level of the tramway and is where we had just bought tickets for. Gulp. So, we exchanged our vouchers, and were very soon called to board for the next flight.

It was great! Honestly, I'm fine as long as I don't look down too much on the way up. The bit on the top was a different matter as it was like a balcony sticking out into thin air. I had to get off that pretty sharpish but I was fine once I had solid ground under me again.

This particular tramway is Canada's highest and longest. We'd just gained almost a km in height as we were now at 2263m / 7424 ft. The views were amazing. There was a poster down at the bottom which I loved. It said "If you only have time to see one thing – see it all." We could see all of Jasper, far below us.

If we walked round the walkway to the other side of the tramway station we could see the road that we'd driven in yesterday.

That mountain to the far left is Mount Robson from yesterday. We got a few more nice shots of that. We had a wander round the gift shop. There's always one of those, isn't there, and then took the tram back down. This time I was fine looking down. Odd that, but hey, who said I had to be logical.

We spotted the Athabasca River on the drive back down, which we'd been able to see from the top. It's a lovely blue-grey colour and is very pretty so we stopped and took a couple of photos. I'm sure there'll be many more as we'll be seeing more of the river later so I won't post those now. We then stopped back in Jasper and booked that tour we'd been mulling over so we now have two nice things to look forward to tomorrow.

After picking up something for a picnic lunch, we drove out to Pyramid Lake and walked over to Pyramid Island to do the easy walking loop. We got a bit distracted by a red squirrel who was pattering about collecting cones. He sat and ate this one right in front of us.

The walk round the small island was lovely and peaceful. Also shady as it was rather hot again today. I don't think it quite reached the 30s but it may have. Actually, on the forecast in the morning they said there wouldn't be a cloud in the sky but they lied. We found one. It was tiny but it was there for at least ten minutes. Shocking, eh?

So, as you walk round the island you come to a perfect view of Pyramid Mountain, which pleased Stephen no end as he'd been trying to get a decent shot of it all morning. It's such pretty colours – all pinks and oranges.

As we carried on round we came to yet another gorgeous view. We almost had to queue to take a photo here as it was a very popular spot. Not that it was busy. There weren't many people about, maybe a dozen people on the island with us. They just all happened to be at this one spot.

We drove back via Patricia Lake which was right next to this one and took a few more photos there and then stopped in Jasper for a few groceries. We then spent the evening relaxing, reading and watching TV. We just had a light dinner in our room as we have an early start tomorrow.



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