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11th September

We've had several days on the run where we've been out and about doing things, either having adventures or driving from one place to another. So, today we decided to spend the day mostly relaxing and planning the remainder of our holiday. We really took our time getting ready to go out. I read for ages before getting out of bed and Stephen watched TV and looked at maps and leaflets.

Eventually we got peckish and decided we needed to go on the search for lunch. We headed for Banff and parked near the info centre. We picked up a few leaflets and discovered that there was a Spaghetti Factory here. I'd wanted to visit the one in Vancouver but we never managed to get there. As we were near one now and were both hungry it seemed like a good idea to go there today so we decided to have a little walk up and down the main street first to work up a bit more of an appetite and then go for lunch.

The shops on the street were a lovely mixture. There were lots of confectionary shops, including ones where  you can see the chocolate or fudge being made. There were gift stores and outdoor shops and a few more practical shops. And lots of places to eat. All around were mountains, including a lovely view right down the end of the street.

We got to the Spaghetti Factory after a while and had a lovely meal there. I had a Caesar salad, Seafood tagliatelle, ice-cream and coffee. Stephen had Minestrone soup, Green Thai chicken curry on linguine and ice-cream. The setting and the service, and the food of course, were all excellent.

We were a bit full so we headed back to our apartment, via Safeway where we picked up a few groceries, and I've spent the evening catching up on my blog while Stephen has been napping. We've just had a sandwich for dinner with some rather nice Peach and raspberry pie which is one of the things that we got at the supermarket.

This is the view from our appartment windows by the way. Lovely, isn't it 🙂

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we're off on another gondola ride. If there's low cloud cover, we've got plenty of plan Bs.



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