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I really wasn’t going to start any new cross stitch projects for a while. Not until I’d finished at least one, and preferably two of my current WIPs. But then I kept seeing this one on the Cross Stitch Forums and on people’s blogs and in the end, I just couldn’t resist.

It’s designed by Abi Gurden at The Stitch Specialists group and is a learning piece with different stitches. It was a SAL, but because it’s now finished I’ve been able to download all of the parts. The group looks very supportive so if I get into any difficulties with it I should be able to get plenty of help. The instructions look very detailed though so I’m hoping I’ll be fine.

The design is lovely. I don’t have a picture to post so you’ll just have to watch it grow. All the trees that people have done are so different as they’ve used different colour schemes. I’m planning to do the trunk in brown but all the rest will be green. I’m using 28 count Cashel linen with a slight marbling effect. It’s actually the offcut from Coffee Menu.


I was going to try to just use supplies from my stash and I have found just the right colours. Unfortunately, I’ve had to nick them from The Library which I had kitted up so I’ll need to order more to replace them. And, I don’t have quite enough so I need to order them now.

I may just order the stash for the new SAL that the group is doing while I’m about it. It is rather nice and would look gorgeous on some blue fabric. Or maybe some green…


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