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Tree of Stitches – The Trunk

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An update already. Oh yes indeedy. I enjoyed stitching this. I love this thread and tried to use it so that the paler areas looked like shading on the trunk, rather than just stitching in straight lines. It wasn’t always possible but it made it more interesting trying.

This is what the completed trunk looks like

I was quite keen to carry on and do the first of the speciality stitches that make up the canopy of the tree but I hit a bit of a snag. I’d ordered three skeins of Peapod by Crescent Colours. One skein went into the kit for this project where there were two that I’d already snaffled from another kit. The other two were returned to the kit that I’d snaffled from. With me so far? So, in my Tree of Stitches kit, I had two older skeins and the one new one. Dye lots not an issue with variegated threads so I wasn’t worried about any slight differences.

Last night I took out the threads and looked at them all together. I was awfully glad that I hadn’t started stitching with the older threads while I was waiting for my order to arrive. This is why.

Not exactly a slight difference, hmm? The one on the left, which is the one that I’d set my heart on using, is a nice grungy sort of green. The new one on the right is a brighter, more perky green and that’s the one that I now have three of. (two being in the kit that I originally filched from).

So, the question is, which one is the real Peapod. (I need to know this for the sake of the chart that is kitted up and specifically requires Peapod.) Do I want to use the new one for Tree of Stitches when I really wanted to use the old one? And if the old one isn’t Peapod, what on earth is it so I can order another one?

I think maybe I need to go shopping again. I need more Peapod. I’ll order three more from a different shop and see what comes. If it’s a different colour again, at least I’ve got two different ones to pick from. I may order something else grungy looking while I’m at it, as insurance. And I need to order a few threads for another project so I may as well get those too.

In the meantime – back to Coffee Menu.

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