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Coffee Menu and some buttons

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After seeing how far along Tree is with her Coffee Menu I thought I’d better get a move on so I had a stitching day yesterday and have done a bit more this morning. The housework can wait, eh? I’m quite pleased with where I’ve got to as I now have all of the bottom section done and just need to do the nice picture at the top with the Coffee banner above it. That looks a lovely bit to stitch so I’m looking forward to that part.

As you can see, I did chart up Flat White in the end and I’m happy with how it looks. It just didn’t seem right to leave out something that I like as much as a latte or Cappuccino.

In between stitching I’ve been doing a little shopping. I got the fabric for another project from Sew and So but needed quite a bit of thread so I went to The Patchwork Rabbit for that as her prices are very competitive for Crescent Colours and Gentle Arts. You really can’t fault her speed either. I ordered at 3.30 in the afternoon and my parcel popped through the letterbox just 19 hours later.

I then had a little email conversation with her as there was something that I wanted for another project. (Yes, yet another one.) I suspected she might have it or be able to get it but it wasn’t on her website. That was yesterday. Today the item in question, which is the button pack that I need for this chart, is sitting on my desk, courtesy of Karla at The Patchwork Rabbit. Can’t beat that for customer service.

Aren’t my buttons pretty?

Tree also has the Wildflower chart. I may have nudged her towards it slightly. We think we’ll probably make it our next SAL once we’ve finished Coffee Menu. And made some progress on Tree of Stitches and the new one, I expect. I should really do a bit more on Winnie the Pooh and poor neglected Mr. Hamilton too but I’m having so much fun with the Stitch-A-Longs that it’s difficult to know what to stitch next.

I need more hours in the day.


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