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That has got to be the quickest that I’ve ever finished a cross stitch project! Obviously doing a stitch-a-long with a friend who stitches quickly is the way to go 🙂

Tree finished her Coffee Menu a few days ago and it looks gorgeous. You can see it here. I didn’t have too much left to do on mine and seeing that one all completed pushed me to stop messing about on the computer – my biggest time waster – and get mine finished.

I really, really like doing Little House Needleworks designs. The colours look so rich together and it’s just a joy to stitch. I love this one and will be looking out for a suitable frame for it now.

I finished it last night and I’ve just worked out that it took just three weeks from start to finish, if you don’t count the prep. It’s taken me longer than that to do much smaller designs before now so I’m feeling incredibly pleased with myself at the moment.

This morning I put a few stitches in to the poor neglected Winnie the Pooh calendar while we were watching the F1 Grand Prix, but I was having so much trouble getting used to the Aida after the lovely linen of Coffee Menu that I had to keep frogging it. I put it away again in the end and prepped a new project instead. It’s a SAL from the same designer as Tree of Stitches, Abi Gurden, and is for the members of the Stitch Specialists group.

It’s called The Great Escape and is currently on the third installment so I need to catch up. I’ve got my fabric hemmed and pressed now. The three lots of instructions and all three charts are printed and I’ve got a selection of threads to choose from. I just need to take a deep breath and practise the first stitch before starting on the actual piece as it’s one that I haven’t done before. I’ve got a couple of weeks to play with this, and other projects, and then I start another SAL with Tree.

Wonder if that one will get done in record time too?

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