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The Great Escape – Montenegrin Stitch

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I plucked up the courage to start my newest cross stitch project this afternoon. The fabric has been sitting there looking very inviting ever since I hemmed and pressed it at the weekend but I was a bit worried that the new specialist stitches would be a bit beyond me.

I decided that preparation was key and thought it best to practise the first stitch on some spare fabric first. I had some 18 ct Binca that wasn’t going to be used for anything else. As it’s very even and has fairly large holes compared to the fabric that I’ll be using for the project it seemed ideal. I set it up in my 6″ R&R frame and after reading the instructions through a couple of times, I had a go.

That seemed simple enough, although the fact that the instructions were idiot proof didn’t hurt. Next step was to try it on my pretty fabric. I’m using 32 ct Permin linen in a pale green called Waterlily. It’s gorgeous. And very fine. I’ve got it clamped firmly in my 8″ R&R frame.

I’ve picked out the first couple of threads that I’m going to use but I’ll see how they look and what the instructions call for before deciding what to go with after that. I’ve got plenty to pick from in my stash. I’ve started off with Baked Clay by Gentle Art.

After half a row of the Montenegrin stitch in two strands, I decided that it was just too bulky and all you could see was a mass of thread. You couldn’t tell what stitch had been used which kind of defeated the object of the exercise. I frogged the little that I’d done and started again with one strand. That looked much better and I did the small area for part one of the SAL fairly quickly. You just need to get into a rhythm with this stitch and it’s quite easy.

It looks quite pretty. I think I may have pulled a little hard as the tension looks a bit tight but that might resolve itself when I slacken the tension on the frame. I was so excited to finish it that I rushed to take a photo without checking.

Not that anyone would notice without a magnifying glass. The 32 ct is very fine. Well, a magnifying glass or a macro lens.

The next part has two new stitches in it. I already have it printed off so I may look at it tomorrow.

Designed by Abi Gurden from Stitch Specialists.


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