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The Great Escape – Feather stitch & Basque stitch

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After the success of part one of this project I went on to do part two fairly quickly. I did Feather stitch one day and Basque stitch the next. I followed the same format of practising on the 18 count first until I was happy with my technique and then put the stitches in place on the 32 count.

The Feather stitch was quite easy once I’d worked out the placement and got the hang of the tension. If you pull through too tightly you end up with a column of little ‘V’s instead of ‘U’s. I think most of mine are the right shape and the stitch looks really pretty.

Basque stitch was a bit more complicated but I soon figured it out as once again the instructions were very good. Then once I’d done a few practise ones, I just needed to work on keeping the tension even so all the loops sat the same. I think it mostly looks ok.

I may do part three over the weekend. Or I may do some of the Tree of Stitches as I now have enough of the correct shade of Peapod thanks to Tree. I received a huge box from her yesterday which was full of lots of lovely books, the Peapod and some chocolate.

Add that to the haul from the library trip yesterday and I just don’t know where to start. Read or stitch. Stitch or read. Decisions, decisions.

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