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Only eleven books read again this month. I’m definitely slowing down a bit this year with all the headaches. Pesky things. I have read three fairly chunky books this month though and I’ve read a great mixture again with some real winners in there.

Hunt the moon – Karen Chance
This was the next book in the excellent Cassie Palmer series and I’d been looking forward to it for a while. The books are great fun and are a smashing twist on the usual vampire fare. I loved this installment. Lots of action and adventure with plenty of humour too.

Crime and punishment – Fyodor Dostoyevsky
This was an easier read than I’d expected and was quite enjoyable, although I did want to give a couple of the characters a good shake.

The Watchtower – Lee Carroll
This is the sequel to the excellent Black Swan Rising, which was one of the books sent to me by the Transworld Book Club. I gave it a review to itself which is here.

The poisonwood bible – Barbara Kingsolver
I read this for The Big Read challenge. It’s quite a thick book and I’ve been ignoring it in favour of other books for quite some time as I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read yet another book set in Africa. Once I started it though, I realised that this one was quite different to the others that I’d read and it really was enthralling. I can see why it got its place on the list. It follows the lives of a family who go to live in a small village when their father goes to do missionary work and then you see what happens to the family as they gradually go their separate ways over the years. It’s told from the viewpoints of the four sisters and the mother in different chapters. It was an excellent read and I’d definitely recommend it.

The Bomber – Liza Marklund
Reviewed for the Transworld Bookclub here

A fine balance – Rohinton Mistry
This is a lovely chunky book and another one that I’ve read for The Big Read challenge. It’s set in India around the mid-seventies and is quite bleak in parts. It centres around the relationship between four people whose lives come together because of the troubled times. I really enjoyed reading it, despite the sad and sometimes horrific nature of the story.

Plum lucky – Janet Evanovich
I still don’t like the ‘between the numbers’ books as much as I like the numbered books in the series, but this one was funny. I think the best bits were with the horse, and of course Grandma Mazur. The image of Lula as a supermodel was pretty amusing too, I have to admit. A quick, fun read.

Fearless fourteen – Janet Evanovich
I knew that getting just Plum lucky out of the library would leave me wanting more, so I gave in to the inevitable and got this one at the same time. And then I read them back-to-back. This was priceless. Maybe not quite as funny as some of the others that I’ve read but it had some great moments in it. I loved Zook and what he did to Stephanie’s car. The increasingly funny appearances of Brenda were excellent and some of the character’s names were inspired. Then there was Lula and Tank. And of course, Grandma Mazur stole the show. I’d love her for my Grandma.

Exposed – Liza Marklund
As I’d enjoyed The Bomber so much I wanted to dive straight in and read another of this author’s books and this seemed to be the best one to read next. The author says that you don’t need to read them in order, and she didn’t even write them in order. The Bomber was her first book, and is actually the fourth one in the series, I believe. This one was the first in the series but it made no difference that I’d read the other one first, so I guess the author was right.
Exposed was absolutely brilliant. Once again there was such a great feel for how it is to live and work in Stockholm. In this book Annika is a temp at the newspaper and isn’t sure what her future holds. There has been a murder and she gets the initial tip off so has been looking into it to write it up for the paper. All the way through there are mysterious diary entries at the start of the chapters. You don’t know whose they are but they’re quite chilling and you wonder how they’re connected to the murder.
The conclusion to the Annika’s involvement with the investigation is excellent, but the part where you find out the significance of the diary entries took my breath away. I really did not see that coming.
A cracking read. I think she may be a new favourite author.

Trainspotting – Irvine Welsh
I found this a bit hard to read at first because of the way it’s written. It’s all in slang, and Scottish slang at that. After a while though it started to make a bit more sense without me having to sound out every word and about halfway through the book I was almost comfortable with it. It was similar to reading Clockwork Orange in that respect.
I’ve never seen the film so I didn’t know what the book was going to be about but I had a vague idea it was about drugs and stuff. That was fairly accurate but obviously there was a lot more to it. There was sex and violence too. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed by it but it was an ok read and it’s another one ticked off The Big Read list.

The Enchantment Emporium – Tanya Huff
I spotted this on Amazon and bought it for two reasons. The main reason was that I’ve read two of the author’s series before and liked them both so assumed that this book would be quite good too. The other reason is that like the others, it’s set in Canada. Unlike the others, this one is set in Calgary and I was about to visit there. Ok, so I was only going to be there for a couple of hours as we were just flying home from there, but it was enough of a connection to make me want the book.
I’d hoped to read it before we went but it arrived only a couple of days before we flew out so it’s been sitting on my TBR pile until a couple of days ago when it decided to wave at me as I was looking for my next read. As far as the location went, the part set in Calgary, which was most of it, meant very little but the main character took a day trip to Banff and I really enjoyed that part of the book as I did love Banff. It was great to read some fiction set there.
The rest of the book was rather good too. I thought the magic and mythology took a while to be explained and for a while I was a bit confused, but once I got my head around what it meant to be a Gale, I loved it. It looks like there’s going to be a sequel so I’m really hoping it’ll develop into a series as there’s a lot of potential there.


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