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And another one


Time for another SAL with Tree. This is one of the ones that we bought from The Patchwork Rabbit on our little spending spree a while back. I hadn’t seen this particular chart anywhere else and when I spotted it on their website while I was looking for LHN Sunflowers, I was instantly smitten. Luckily Tree liked it too so we’re stitching it together.

I’ve posted a picture before, but here’s a little reminder of what it looks like. Isn’t it just gorgeous?

And another one
I got the threads from The Patchwork Rabbit when I ordered the chart as they’re so cheap for Gentle Art threads, which is what this uses. Later on I got the buttons from them as well as they have the packs specially for this chart. I dithered for a while over the fabric. I wanted to use something that I already had as I’m starting to build up a bit of a stash but the only one that I thought was suitable in colour was a 32 count. Tree checked the sizing for me and we decided that it would be ok with the buttons. I’d been concerned that the buttons would be too large on the wrong count as this should be on 28 count.

In the end though I’ve gone with a 28 count, mainly to spare my eyes as I’ve been so headachy lately and I don’t want to push my luck. I’ve got a similar colour and I’ve got another project in mind, a smaller one, for the 32 count. If I can find the chart that is. It seems to have gone missing. Sigh.

The fabric I’m going to use is a Britney in Pearl Grey and looks lovely with the thread colours and the buttons.

And another one
The fabric is hemmed and pressed and everything is collected together so I’m all ready to go. I’m really looking forward to starting this one and may just put a few stitches in tonight. Update coming soon, I expect.

And yes, I do know that I now have a quite unreasonable amount of Works In Progress. Do I care? I do not. It’s all good fun, eh?


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2 thoughts on “And another one

  1. That is so pretty! The colors look so rich!


  2. Those are such lush colours chuck…..I’ll look forward to seeing it ‘in progress’. xx


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