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The Great Escape – part five


This has taken me ages. I did the feathery bit above his beak first, as it says in the instructions but when I went to do the first eye, I realised that I was one thread out and it just wasn’t going to work. I was too disheartened to frog straight away so I put it away until the next day.

Then I came down with a cold which I’ve still got, and have felt too rotten to stitch. I really need to concentrate on this, especially considering that miscount, so having a fuzzy head just wasn’t going to help. I felt slightly better today but mostly I just really wanted to crack on with my owl. He needed some eyes. Also, part six was released yesterday and I don’t want to get too far behind.

So, this is what he looks like now.

The Great Escape - part five
There are three new stitches in there. The one above his beak is Sprats Head stitch and is the one that gave me trouble. The outside of the eyes is Jessica stitch and was easy enough. I just had to count carefully and I used a laying tool to get the threads to sit nice and straight. The centre of his eyes is worked in Diamond Eyelets. Once I’d got the placement worked out, that was simple enough. It was just a case of getting the tension the same on both eyes.

The Great Escape - part five
Out of the three, I liked Jessica stitch best. It was quite satisfying to do and I love the effect.

I’ll probably do a bit more on Wildflower before carrying on with this as it’s calling to me.


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3 thoughts on “The Great Escape – part five

  1. He’s looking fantastic Carole. I’m stitching on Wildflower tonight – finally started it last weekend, looks so pretty 🙂


  2. He’s really taking shape now eh….it’s looking great chuck. xx


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