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Wildflower has leaves


Four leaves to be precise. I’ve enjoyed stitching these even though they didn’t come out quite as I’d expected. Looking at the picture the centre of the leaves looks a very definite blue. Maybe a blue/grey, but definitely more blue than anything else. I’ve bought the correct shade of thread but it’s not blue. It’s grey and if I had to say what shade of grey, I’d have to say it was a grey/green. The design isn’t a new one though, so I’m assuming that this thread may have been one colour when it first came out, but it’s evolved into something rather different over the years.

Having said all of that, after stitching the first leaf with the pink around it, I decided that I liked it enough not to want to go searching for ‘just the right shade of blue’ to substitute for it, so it can stay. After all the faffing around with the Peapod Green for Tree of Stitches, I’m feeling less inclined to fuss over this. It’s a nice enough grey. It looks pretty with the pink. It looks good against the pale grey fabric. Most importantly it’s stitched and it’s staying stitched.

So, leaves…

Wildflower has leaves
Isn’t that pink gorgeous? I’m loving that yellow too. This is what the whole thing looks like now.

Wildflower has leaves
I might do the spiral bit next as that looks like fun. Maybe I’ll just do the next part of The Great Escape first though. Decisions…

Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Wildflower has leaves

  1. Looks fabulous. I thought the grey to be an odd colour too. I stitched the spiral last night and it was most enjoyable. I’ll do a photo of mine – I’ve been a bit remiss about blogging of late, must pull my socks up!


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