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The Great Escape – part six

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There were just two stitches in this part and just one row of each to do. It still took a while though as the Oyster stitch was very umm, interesting to do. With all of the other stitches, once I’ve done one or two of them, I can do them without looking at the instructions. Not this one. I just couldn’t get the hang of it. I could do it ok, but I had to follow the diagram every step of the way. For all ten reps. The first stitch looks a little loose in the photo but I’ve fixed that now. It does look very effective and I’m very pleased with it but I just could not get the steps to stick in my head.

The other stitch, Breton, was much easier but I had difficulty in getting the stitches to look even. They just wouldn’t cooperate in twisting the same way each time. Grrr.

I managed something I could live with in the end though and this is what the addition looks like.

The Great Escape - part six
Hmm, still not sure about that Breton stitch.

This is how it’s all looking now.

The Great Escape - part six
I think the next part is the owl’s wings. I may use a slightly darker shade for his wings and feet. I have one all ready which should look good. For now – back to Wildflower.


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