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2012 Genre Challenge

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Kell has a reading challenge on her blog which I've been eyeing up ever since she posted it. I really shouldn't take on any more challenges but I am almost finished with The Big Read, and I really could use some encouragement to go through some of the more ummm, neglected books on my TBR pile. With Kell's challenge and another one that I've got my eye on over on BookCrossing, I bet I could interest myself in quite a few of the older inhabitants of my bookcase.

It's a great idea. There are three variations of it, but the basic idea is to pick books from different genres each month. The full instructions and rules are over on Kell's blog. I'm going to go for the maxi option so I can explore as many different genres as possible over the year. Should be a piece of cake with what I have on the TBR pile, although you just know I'm going to be visiting Amazon at some point.

There are twenty genres to pick from so I'm going to select my genres now but I won't allocate books to them yet as I don't always know what I'll fancy reading on any given day/week/month.

This is my list then, in no particular order.

Historical Fiction (Pre-WWII)
Horror / Thriller
Crime Fiction / Mystery
Fantasy / Urban Fantasy
Science Fiction / Steampunk
Classic (pre-WWI)
Supernatural / Paranormal
Newly published in 2012
Modern Classic (post WWI to 1980s)
Children's / Young Adult
Speculative Fiction

I'll create a page for this and the other challenge and  pop it in my sidebar in a while. That'll remind me to actually keep up with the challenges, and help me to keep track of them. I'm quite keen to get cracking on them now. Roll on January.




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One thought on “2012 Genre Challenge

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I think I might do too


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