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Yet another cross stitch project


I'd seen the Cottages of the month mentioned on the CCN blog a couple of weeks ago and thought they were very nice indeed. I'd just about talked myself out of them, mostly because I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but then Tree mentioned them and made me look at them again. Once I'd had another look and I knew that Tree wanted to stitch them too, I was lost. Tree says I'm a pushover and she's probably right.

Of course it helps that they're going to be stocked by one of my favourite shops, The Patchwork Rabbit, so getting them won't be a problem. This is good as there'll be one released for each month with the first one being out now ready for January. The first two look gorgeous and I'm rather looking forward to having something small-ish and simple to stitch each month.

January's can be seen here. We've both ordered the first one so we'll be ready to start stitching once we've finished Wildflower. This could be a few weeks yet as I'm not making as much progress as I'd hoped due to feeling a bit under the weather with sinusitis.

I'm hoping to be feeling a bit better by tomorrow so with a bit of luck there'll be a progress pic of Wildflower to come by the weekend. It's looking very pretty with all the colours in it. I just want to get a bit more done before taking a photo.

Just not today.




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2 thoughts on “Yet another cross stitch project

  1. Mmmm, Marmite 🙂
    The drugs are kicking in so I’m feeling much better now thanks.
    I’ll no doubt feel well enough to catch up on the housework tomorrow so I’ll probably stitch instead 😉


  2. I think that ‘easily tempted’ sounds better 😀 Thought of you today while in Tesco – Marmite gift boxes on the shelves 😮 Hoping you’re feeling much better by tomorrow, you’re having a rough time of it lately 😦


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