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Wildflower – Complete with buttons


I finished this earlier today, and I love it to bits. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on future charts by SamSarah designs to see if anything else takes my fancy.

This is how it looked once the cross stitch was finished.

Wildflower - Complete with buttons
The final step was to add those buttons. I could have used the nearest colour of thread to stitch them on but they were all different colours and it would still have showed. I knew I’d got some of that invisible thread somewhere and after a bit of rooting around I managed to find it. After I was halfway through stitching the buttons on, I really wished I  hadn’t. Found it, that is. That stuff is a nightmare. The buttons were leaping all over the place – just like real bugs and the thread was all over the place. Gah!

I defeated the evil thread in the end though and got the buttons to stay more or less where I wanted and as I said, I love the results. This is how it looks now.

Wildflower - Complete with buttons
Next is the Cottage, my next stitchalong with Tree, and I’m planning to make a start on that tomorrow.


Author: Carole

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2 thoughts on “Wildflower – Complete with buttons

  1. Oh good, sounds like some more shopping is in order after all 🙂


  2. Hurray – we’re doing well with our stitch a longs aren’t we? This is such a treat once it’s done, it looks lovely. I had an idea for another chart to add into our stitch a long programme the other day…


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