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Apparently I've had the reading bug this month as I've read slightly more than usual with fifteen being my total. I've read some absolute crackers too. One of the books that I bought for my Kindle – Before I go to sleep – was superb. I finally got around to one that had been on my TBR shelves for ages – PopCo – and loved it. I read some more in two of the series that I've been devouring, the Meg Langslow bird mysteries and the Stephanie Plum books. All of those were wonderful. There was also a surprisingly good zombie book. I hope next month is as good.

Dreamer's Cat – Stephen Leather
This is only available as a digital book and was billed as a sci-fi murder mystery with a killer twist. It had some great reviews on Amazon so I bought it to see if it was as good as everyone said. It did sound very intriguing from the synopsis. Having read it, I'm inclined to agree with those reviews. I loved the story and it did indeed have a killer twist. Definitely worth the very low price.

Before I go to sleep – S. J. Watson
Amazon kept trying to tempt me to buy this for my Kindle so I investigated it and saw that it was another book with rave reviews. It also sounded very good so weak-willed as I am when it comes to books, I downloaded it. I am so glad that I did. I was hooked from the very first paragraph and have just read the whole book straight through in one go. It's about a woman with amnesia and is told from her point of view. She wakes every morning in a strange bed. She doesn't recognise the room that she's in and then she realises that there's a strange man in bed with her. Can you imagine how that feels? The author gives you a good idea which is what makes the book so good. You're in the head of a confused and scared woman. She doesn't know who to trust as every time she goes to sleep, she loses everything she gained during the day. I can't recommend this one enough for anyone who likes a good psychological thriller.

Swan for the money – Donna Andrews
I recently acquired the latest two books in the Meg Langslow bird series from Amazon. I couldn't resist reading them any longer so I read the first of them this morning. Meg's parents get involved in competitive rose growing and Meg is roped in to organise the rose show. There are indeed two swans in it, plus banded cows and fainting goats. I loved those goats. The whole book was brilliant as usual and I'm itching to dive into the next one now.

Stork raving mad – Donna Andrews
This was great! In this installment, Meg is eight and a half months pregnant with twins and has houseguests everywhere, partly as the heating has broken down at the college. She has students in the library and computer interns in the basement, as well as various family members scattered around the house. Then someone gets themselves murdered which leads to more and more mayhem. I could just keep on reading these but sadly I seem to have caught up apart from the latest hardback. How long do you think it'll be before I cave and buy it?

Plum spooky – Janet Evanovich
Luckily I had a nice Stephanie Plum to wean me off the Meg Langslows. I wasn't as keen on the between the numbers books when I read the first couple but they've grown on me and this one was great. It was much thicker than the previous ones and was much more like the numbered books. I did love Carl the monkey. Elmer was terrific too. Now I'm waiting impatiently for someone to get the single copy of Finger lickin' fifteen back to the library so that I can borrow it. I'm sure I can find something to occupy me while I'm waiting though.

Kafka on the shore – Haruki Murakami
This was a nice change of pace from the previous few books. I haven't read one of the Japanese authors for a while and I really enjoyed this. It was nicely surreal but with a storyline that kept me wanting to read to find out what was going to happen next. I loved the characters in it and the situations that they found themselves in. Interesting ending too leaving me wanting just a little more.

Red-headed stepchild – Jaye Wells
I got this and its sequel from The Works a while back. I'm always tempted by urban fantasy and I thought these looked quite interesting. This was an interesting take on the vampire myth with the whole forbidden fruit thing and I quite liked that. I liked the main characters and found the book quite readable.

The mage in black – Jaye Wells
This is the sequel to Red-headed stepchild and continues the story where that one left off. It introduces lots more characters and deepens the plot with the will they/won't they go to war storyline. Again, I rather liked it, enough so that I'm finding myself wanting to buy the third book straight away as this ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger. Wonder if I can get it for my Kindle…

Rosemary and Rue – Seanan McGuire
This is a murder/mystery and all of the main characters are Fae. That should tick all of the boxes for me and I assumed that I'd love it. I really wanted to love it as it sounded intriguing and used plenty of the myths and legends that I've seen in various other books that feature fairies/fae/fey. I can't fault the writing, or the characters or the story, but there was something there that just didn't grip me. I did like the book, don't get me wrong. I just didn't love it. It actually took me four days to finish it, which says a lot about how much it didn't draw me in. With other books like this I would read until my eyes wouldn't stay open any longer but I'd find my mind wandering off while I was reading with this one. It's a shame, because I did think I'd love it. I should have loved it. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it.

Six geese a-laying – Sophie Kinsella
This was a short story that I pre-ordered for my Kindle. I thought it was very cool when the story downloaded itself automatically on the 16th as soon as I turned the Kindle on. When I say it was a short story though, I do mean short. It was free and lasted me around ten minutes. maybe less. It was however very sweet and I enjoyed a mini-dose of one of my favourite authors.

Snow – Orhan Pamuk
I thought this might be appropriate given that quantities of the white stuff were being forecast. Thankfully we didn't get any here but it was still rather chilly and perfect for hibernating with something to read. Lots of snow in the book and the story wasn't bad either. Ka was a bit of an odd one but I did feel sorry for him at the end.

Warm bodies – Isaac Marion
This was recommended to me by a friend at work a while back and I finally got around to checking if the library had it in stock. They did, so I gave it a try. It's a zombie book but it's not the usual fare. It's told from the viewpoint of one zombie in particular and it's the story of his relationship with a girl and his fight to live. Usually with zombie stories, the zombies are the bad guys and you're rooting for the living. In this book, you're rooting for R, the zombie, and Julie his living friend. This was a great read. It was fun and offbeat and slightly moving all rolled into one. It'd make a terrific film. Definitely recommended.

Finger lickin' fifteen – Janet Evanovich
I loved this. Lots of Ranger, lots of Lula, lots of mayhem and things blowing up and being set on fire. Plenty of laugh out loud moments. I do love this series.

PopCo – Scarlett Thomas
I loved this. I like codes and puzzles and anything like that so this book being full of those things made it absolutely fascinating to me. I loved the whole thing though, the present day story as well as the flashbacks and the story of the locket and the treasure. I was pretty much hooked from the first paragraph and although I didn't have the time to read this straight through, I was reading it every time I had a spare ten minutes. This was just a brilliant read on so many levels, and the final chapter that gives the solution was excellent. Another of my favourites this month.

Haven – Justin Kemppainen
This is one of the free books that I downloaded from Amazon onto my Kindle. It had some pretty good reviews and it sounded really interesting. It had a dystopian theme to it, which is something that I like reading and overall I rather liked it. It's not something that I'd rave about and it won't top my book of the month list but it was definitely worth reading. I'd certainly look out for more by the author.


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