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January Cottage – nearly finished


I’m just about to carry on with my current favourite project, so before I do I thought I’d post an update. I didn’t get much done during this last week. On Monday I went and got most of my hair cut off as it was really getting on my nerves. On Tuesday the tooth with the hole in it decided it didn’t want to be ignored any longer. I’ve been pretending that it was ok for a couple of months now, but the hole got a bit bigger and it was getting a bit painful to eat. My dentist did a great job of taking the tooth out because I didn’t feel a thing at the time. I did feel a bit unwell an hour or so later though and the next morning I woke with a migraine. That lasted for two days. So, not much stitching got done, as I said.

This is where I was up to before my stitching time got so rudely interrupted.

January Cottage - nearly finished
There’s a mistake in there unfortunately. It’s only a small one where I miscounted and I’m not sure if I’m going to correct it or not. At the moment it’s not jumping up and down and waving at me but I’ll have to see how much it’s bothering me later.


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5 thoughts on “January Cottage – nearly finished

  1. Hope you are feeling better from the tooth troubles. I’m pretending I don’t probably need a root canal right now. It could just be TMJ. Love the blue in the house


  2. It’s looking fab – I think we have a similar amount left to do. Your mistake isn’t obvious at all…it took me ages to find it and if I hadn’t been looking at the chart I would never have known.
    I thought Ang was starting stitching these?


  3. That’s lovely chuck, hope to see them irl when I eventually make it down to Brum. Happy stitching. x


  4. I still don’t know what I’m going to do with mine. I’ll probably keep them all on display rather than the other two options that people are talking about:
    1. make some sort of calendar and put your Cottage in it each month.
    2. prepare each Cottage for a frame and keep swapping them into the chosen frame each month.
    I may back mine rather than frame them and hang them in a four by three format off a pole. That’s one idea.


  5. I finished mine already and really enjoyed it. I’ve bought the pattern for 6ebruary but they were out of stock of the CC pinks so need to wait a bit. Need to think about framing now. Any hot tips?


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