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March’s Cottage

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It’s here! This one is all in greens with a touch of Geranium and brown and it’s another lovely design. Between my existing stash and the order I placed, I have all but one colour of thread needed. I’m just waiting for the Geranium as that’s on back order. Plenty of time for that to arrive though as we’ll be starting this on the 1st again and I’m still working on February’s Cottage. Must do an update on that soon as it’s starting to take shape.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of March’s.

March's Cottage
(01/03/12 – picture now updated to include the Geranium thread)

Look how organised I am. The thread is already on Stitchbows and the Stitchbows are in the storage wallets ready to be slipped into the binder that I use when I’m working on small/medium projects. Impressive huh?

And don’t you just love those sheep? I can’t wait to stitch them.



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One thought on “March’s Cottage

  1. That’s pretty. I didn’t see the sheep until you pointed them out,it’s too small on my lappy….I need a close up : 0 )


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