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February Cottage – A little pink house


It’s taking a bit longer than I hoped to do this month’s cottage. I’ve been trying to do most of it while watching TV, but my rate of stitching slows down to a crawl as I just don’t have the ability to concentrate on both at the same time.

I’ve just done a bit more with no TV on and no distractions and it went much faster. Obviously that’s the way to go but usually the only time I get to do that is when it’s late and I’m tired. Not the best time for stitching. Sigh.

So, I’ll just plod on and accept that I’m a slow, slow stitcher.

I do like this month’s cottage. It’s very pretty with the two variegated pinks. I love the way they blend into each other in the window frame and walls. I have one more pair of flower stems and hearts to do and then I can do the text and the borders. Hopefully the borders won’t send me quite so cross-eyed as January’s did.

February Cottage - A little pink house
I’m not sure about the randomly scattered hearts around the text in this one. I may not do them as I have a vague idea of something else to do instead. I need to think about it a bit first. I may just be a complete wimp though and follow the design as it is…

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3 thoughts on “February Cottage – A little pink house

  1. Cute little house! I have the same problem stitching & watching tv but I can’t just sit & stitch. I need to be entertained while I do it, so I’ve taken to listening to audiobooks while doing it


  2. It’s looking lovely. I’m a bit further on but I’ve not been stitching on anything else since I started it – it is taking longer than I thought…probably something to do with the stitchlexia caused by the windows! I’m getting on a bit better since I got those out of the way lol!


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