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February Cottage – finished


I’ve made a couple of tweaks to this one. There are supposed to be some random hearts either side of of the text but I’m not keen on them so I’ve left them off. The hearts within the borders should be cross stitched but I’ve done them differently – just ’cause I can. I had a free pattern arrive by email from Abi Gurden for Valentine’s day. It’s a heart made up of hearts done in specialist stitches, one of which was a Rhodes heart. It was the perfect size to substitute for the border hearts in the Cottage and when I saw it I thought it might look pretty. Perfect timing from Abi.

February Cottage - finished
This isn’t a very good photo. I can’t get the colours to look right. Natural daylight is a bit scarce at the moment. Even at 1pm, it’s a bit dark so I’ll try again on a brighter day and then change the photo if I can get a better one.

I have the next part of The Great Escape to do so I’ll be playing with that next and then I may do a bit on one of my other WIPs for a few days. Or I may start something new. I keep looking at my Pixel People charts that I have printed off. I’d really like to start one of those…


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2 thoughts on “February Cottage – finished

  1. Fantastic! I love the Rhodes hearts that you’ve done. So hard to get a good pic at the moment I agree, the light is hopeless.


  2. This looks lovely! I really like the hearts. It adds interest


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