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The Great Escape – part eleven

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Part eleven took me a little longer than I thought it would. I mean hey, it’s only backstitch and straight stitch. That shouldn’t be very time consuming. Right? Wrong. As I don’t know what might be going in and around all of this part, I had to make sure that every stitch was in exactly the right place so I had to count, recount, and then count again. And as you can see, it goes all over the place.

The Great Escape - part eleven
The log and shading is in a chocolate brown and the grass is in a mossy green. Both are overdyed threads so there’s some variegation. I do like the knots in the log although they were very fiddly to do. I think it’s starting to look more like a scene now with the various parts appearing.

This is a close up of the log with its knots.

The Great Escape - part eleven
I’ve got part twelve printed off and may do that over the weekend. It adds another mouse and a couple of beetles and in the next part I think we start adding some flowers so I’m looking forward to that.

I need to fish out some simple stitching, maybe the Cottage, ready for the qualifying and race coverage over the weekend. I think the Hamilton cross stitch piece may be coming out from its temporary retirement soon too. I just need to finish Firefly, catch up with The Great Escape and finish this month’s cottage. Not much then…


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One thought on “The Great Escape – part eleven

  1. For some reason this makes me think of a fancy Winnie the Pooh scene with Owl.


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